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| Dr Kevin Macnish

Exploring the trust divide in our latest research
Access via digital technology is rising, but to have a good experience online you need to trust the service you are using. Read more about the results of our latest Digital Ethics Outlook.

| Omon Fagbamigbe

Embracing AI: a step forward for Diversity and Inclusion

Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a critical role for organisations in the Diversity and Inclusion space. Read more on how AI is helping us move forward towards a more inclusive future.

| Joanna Finlay

Onboarding vulnerable customers in banking - challenges at the first hurdle
We surveyed 100 IT and Customer Service decision makers within banking in the UK to find out how the shift to digital is impacting the customer onboarding experience, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances. Find out where the challenges lay.

| Tom Staley

Cloud: The foundation for innovation
Cloud computing isn't just a trend- it's a strategic imperative. Read more about the foundation for innovation and the advantages of migrating to the cloud.

How could common data revolutionise crisis response and prevention in Criminal Justice?
What’s exciting when thinking about the Common Data Model's application within public sector settings, is how this data can empower individual front line staff with data. Read on to learn more.

| Andy Hepworth

Our heritage in driving positive change

Andy Hepworth explains exactly what social value means to us as an organisation; why we’re doing even more now, than ever; and why it’s important to us that we’re a business driven by purpose.

| Tom Staley

The power of Open Innovation
The concept of innovation has taken on a pivotal role in determining an organisation's success. In this blog, we discuss the forces behind innovation and our research.

| Tom Staley

Open Innovation: key trends across Europe
We surveyed over 1,600 startups and organisations from the public and private sector across 10 European countries to find out how the corporate-startup collaboration phenomenon evolving.

| Zaydali Kesvani

How to overcome the biggest and most impacting challenges faced by Business Analysts
Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS) is an effective model with the aim to alleviate some of the most impactful problems organisations face.

| Dr Kevin Macnish

Pick me! The importance of ethics by design in procurement

Failing to consider ethics in the procurement process is a recipe for disaster, leaving companies at risk of reputational harm or even negligence. In this blog, we discuss the importance of of ethics by design in procurement. 

| Vince Spadaro

Big Data London 2023: Navigating the World of Generative AI and LLMs
At the Big Data London 2023 conference we heard about the potential of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) and explored the current challenges they face. Read more about Vince's findings from the conference here.

| Vivek Seth

Democratising Innovation: Empowering Progress through Generative AI
Innovation, the driving force behind progress in our ever-changing world, has the power to ignite breakthroughs, propel industries forward, and tackle complex challenges. 

| Richard Thompson

Streamlining digital interactions: how digital identity can change the citizen and consumer experience
In today's increasingly digital world, identity verification is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. We discuss how digital identity can change the citizen and consumer experience.

| Lorri Smyth

Navigating complexity through service design
Service design plays a crucial role in transformation by supporting people to navigate the complexity of the world around us. Here are some ways that service designers navigate complexity.

| Ted Morris-Dawson

The one-team mindset: keeping transformation on track
Ted-Morris Dawson shares his top tips for using Agile collaboration to support large-scale transformation programmes.

| Richard Thompson

Unlock the power of digital ethics to build and maintain trust in digital identity adoption

Digital identity adoption is rapidly transforming the way individuals interact with technology and access services online. But to ensure widespread adoption and foster long-term trust in digital identity systems, it's essential to prioritise digital ethics. 

| Hannah Hughes

Resilience and human centricity in design teams

How might we use a human-centred design approach to creating a thriving workplace, one where employees feel valued and supported? Find out in this blog post. 

How trauma-informed is your chatbot?
Building continuous ongoing user research into services, facilitating routes across multiple channels, and designing services around citizens rather than agency structures, will be critical to overcoming some of the ongoing digital and emotional barriers in accessing justice.

| Sam French

Ethical considerations for digital lasting power of attorney
Find out how incorporating digital ethics into the redesign of the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) application process will build citizen trust and provide greater assurance that risks will be avoided.

| Caroline Hildreth

How to unlock your Estate Management data to drive meaningful change
In this blog, we address topics such as leveraging data to improve patient outcomes, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving strategic decision-making.