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| Nicholas Wild

How to use AI for an Ethical and Sustainable Future
To bring true value to society and the environment, it is important to look at the overall impact of AI. Read on to find out how to use AI for an ethical and sustainable future.

| Caroline Williams

How creditors can deliver unrivalled customer experience to consumers in vulnerable situations
We surveyed the preferences and attitudes of consumers towards debt to get an understanding of what customers want. Read more about our key findings and the actions creditors can take to enhance their customer experience.

| Brian Wall

How AI can be an accessibility gamechanger for all
AI boasts potential opportunity to build and enable a fully inclusive society with everyone able to benefit from tools and technology that improve accessibility.

Corporate News

Sopra Steria launches new UK consultancy division
Sopra Steria, the purpose-led digital transformation provider, has launched a new consulting service to benefit its UK clients.
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