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| Brian Wall

How AI can be an accessibility gamechanger for all
AI boasts potential opportunity to build and enable a fully inclusive society with everyone able to benefit from tools and technology that improve accessibility.

| Jonti Dalal-Small

Cultivating psychological safety in AI decision making
If organisations focus on ensuring their employees feel psychologically safe, the introduction of AI is likely to be smoother. Find out more about cultivating psychological safety in AI decision making.

| Craig Minter

Unmasking greenwashing: Five tips on how to avoid it
Greenwashing is commonly used to refer to any claims of environmental benefit that are more focused on saving money or increasing revenue for the business. Read more to find out how your organisation can avoid doing this.

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Q1 2024 in line with forecasts

Sopra Steria generated revenue of €1,587.4 million in the first quarter of 2024, representing growth of 13.8%. At constant scope and exchange rates, revenue grew 0.3%.

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