Government Data Summit: Discussing automated decision-making

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Automated Decision-Making (ADM) adoption is increasing at pace. On its own or combined with other innovations, such as large language models, it can bring significant efficiency to public services, improving accuracy and efficiency and delivering better services for citizens. However, there are risks associated with automation such as potential algorithmic bias and a lack of accountability in some systems.

To make the most of the potential benefits of ADM and build sustainable solutions, organisations need to build in transparency, accountability and ethics from the outset and throughout. 

We’re looking forward to discussing this and more at the Government Data Summit hosted in London on 11th May. The event will bring together Civil Service Data leaders with their US, Canadian, Australian, and European counterparts for a day of interactive sessions.

More than 50 experts are hosting small-group sessions including Ben Brown, Consulting Director for Security & Borders at Sopra Steria, and Fionn Tynan-O’Mahony, Head of Experience Design at Sopra Steria. Both have extensive experience working with public sector organisations to improve critical national services that have tangible, measurable benefits for all users and citizens.

In the small-group session, they will discuss the increasingly common use of automated decision-making in the public sector.

The session will consider:

  • What are the potential benefits and risks of using automation to support decision-making processes within the Civil Service?
  • What kind of governance framework is required to support these systems?
  • What safeguards ought to be in place to prevent the risk of algorithmic bias in automated decision-making systems?
  • Why is it important to ensure that automated decision-making systems are designed and implemented in a responsible and ethical way? And how do you make a system ethical?

This is a must attend session for anyone already using or considering the use of automated decision-making. However, if you cant make the event, reach out to us to discuss how ADM can help your organisation. 

Fionn Tynan-O'Mahony, Head of Experience Design, Sopra Steria

Omon Fagbamigbe, Data Consulting Manager, Sopra Steria

Susannah Matschke, Senior Manager - Data Consulting, Sopra Steria 



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