Digital Ethics Summit 2022

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Over the past six years, the Digital Ethics Summit, hosted by techUK, has been a key date in the tech industry and civil society calendar. Taking place on Wednesday 7th December 2022 at the techUK office in London, Sopra Steria sponsored this prestigious event. A number of Sopra Steria colleagues joined other industry leaders to assess the impact of recent regulatory developments on the role of ethics, as well as diving into emerging discussions of ethics in the metaverse, AI 'sentience' and the implications of cutting-edge technologies like high-performance computing. 

The agenda was packed with thought-provoking sessions, including some discussions with our own Dr Kevin Macnish and Jen Rodvold. Kevin joined a breakout session on ‘Digital ethics in the public sector: are we making headway?’ and Jen talked at the plenary session, ‘How can the latest breakthroughs in technology truly benefit humanity?’. Both were really interesting sessions and can be watched below. 

Breakout session

The breakout session, ‘Digital ethics in the public sector: are we making headway?’, featuring Kevin Macnish, Sopra Steria's Digital Ethics Consulting Manager, uncovers the results of new research assessing the digital ethics maturity of public sector bodies, and explores where some main strengths and weaknesses lie. The panelists discuss the steps necessary to gain and maintain the public's trust and the key drivers for success. 

Plenary session

The plenary session, ‘How can the latest breakthroughs in technology truly benefit humanity?’, featuring Jen Rodvold, Sopra Steria's Head of Sustainability, Digital Ethics and Social Impact Consulting, discusses what the future could look like if science and technology live up to our highest expectations, and the importance of not losing sight of this despite the industry's many challenges. 

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