What does digital transformation mean to someone facing homelessness

by Chris Chubb - Head of Business Technology Consulting, Government Sector | minutes read

In just 18 months, Broxbourne Borough Council embarked on an ambitious digital transformation journey, in partnership with Sopra Steria. This digital innovation could form a blueprint for the future of public services.

The vision was complex and impacted on all of the Council’s 30 service areas and 500 employees to establish a new digital infrastructure and a more joined up way of working.

Throughout the process, we had a constant obsession with doing the right thing for the customer and we believe this is why Broxbourne has seen such success. Post implementation we saw a 69 per cent increase in take up of the Council’s new digital services.

Sarah's Story*

Broxbourne Council serves a vibrant community of 100,000 residents. This includes people who are experiencing real challenges. People like mother and daughter Sarah and 3-year-old Katie who we meet today.

Digital Councils are not only about new technologies, they are about improving the lives of people like Sarah and Katie.

* This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this video are fictional. No identification with actual persons is intended nor should be inferred.

A shining example of this transformation is Broxbourne’s housing services team, who work with and support some of the most vulnerable customers in the community. These include people who are homeless, in temporary accommodation and experiencing some of life’s most complex challenges. 

Sopra Steria transformed the housing service’s operating model, re-designing everything from a customer’s point of view.  Every touch point of the journey has been improved.

The website, which was previously difficult to access and navigate, has also been transformed as part of this.  Now, more customers are logging on and self-serving at a time which suits them.

And to ensure a smooth transition to the new ways of working the housing services team was supported with training and guidance resource has also been freed up for the most complex homelessness cases.

The Council’s new state of the art digital platform supports its website, digital services and customer management system. So far, 159 digital services have been created, all with the customer at the heart of design.

If replicated by other local authorities, it could create a more efficient, responsive generation of public services. It could change lives.

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