Technology and the fight against child abuse

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Technology has a critical role to play in the fight against the abuse of children and minors. 

It enables law enforcement in identifying offenders online and assisting in the investigation of criminality relating to child abuse – including grooming of minors online, the distribution of indecent imagery and serious organised crime networks involving child trafficking.

Yet technology is also part of the problem, and as it advances so does the ability to facilitate abuse. Organised child abuse is now a pertinent issue internationally due to the ease in which perpetrators can access and facilitate materials and networks through web applications and other devices.  

We spoke to Chief Constable Simon Bailey, Chief Constable of Norfolk Constabulary and NPCC lead for Child Protection and Abuse Investigations. 

Simon comments:

Technology is enabling me to lead the fight against this criminality however technology is also being used to facilitate abuse.

Simon highlights that the public should always bring any concerns of child abuse to the attention of the police. There is a question around vigilante groups and their motives in the safeguarding of the children at the centre of abuse. Ultimately the only way to protect and safeguard children is to contact the police as soon as any wrongdoing or abuse is suspected. 

This interview is part of our Policing Spotlight series where we explore key issues relating to policing in the UK, with senior law enforcement figures. To view the video interview and follow the series, visit our Policing Spotlight page. 





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