Sopra Steria and Salesforce develop “Q@Home” appointment app for retailers, restaurants, post offices and pharmacies

by Adam Trott - Head of Retail
| minutes read

Customers looking to beat the post-lockdown queues at shops, restaurants and chemists could benefit from a new app offering personal appointments.

In response to the strict social distancing guidelines imposed on the retail and hospitality sectors, Sopra Steria and Salesforce have co-developed Q@Home, an online booking system which allows people to pre-book a time slot to visit a participating shop.

The app is currently live in 600 Co-Op stores in Italy and a major retailer in France has just agreed to operate the system. Sopra Steria and Salesforce are now offering a trial to UK retailers, hospitality businesses, pharmacies, post offices and healthcare organisations looking to meet demand post-lockdown.

The UK businesses are already in talks with two leading major supermarkets, a luxury retailer, a national pharmacy chain and a healthcare provider.

The technology will allow shops, restaurants, post offices, pharmacies and healthcare organisations to manage customer-flow while meeting social distancing guidelines and avoid frustratingly long queues. It also offers new ways of capturing customer data to allow better customer service and improved store operations. The new app can also bring benefits to key workers struggling to find time to queue for essential services and shopping.

Adam Trott, Head of Retail and Hospitality at Sopra Steria commented: “In the new normal COVID – 19 world the need to comply with social distancing guidelines whilst introducing certainty for customers with queue management is going to help enhance the customer experience and reduce lost sales. For key workers operating on shifts or people with young children, queuing and following guidelines is proving difficult during the COVID – 19 pandemic. This issue will be exacerbated when physical stores, restaurants and pharmacies re-open when lockdown measures are relaxed.

“We know this is an incredibly challenging time for many retailers, pharmacies and hospitality service providers and our high streets are going to look very different for some time. What we are offering is a simple, affordable solution which will help them manage customer flow, make sure they can adhere to social distancing guidelines and help them improve their operations to meet customer demand post lockdown.

“This is already active in Italy, the first European country to be hit with the virus, and there is an opportunity to learn from what they are doing to get the high street economy going again.

“We have a quick solution to an immediate problem of queue management but also a model for the future of the customer experience which can help customers, patrons and businesses cope with the new normal COVID – 19 world.”

For more information about Q@home please contact Adam Trott Head of Retail and Hospitality at Sopra Steria - Search