Implementing Amazon Connect for the Service Desk

by Chloe Langan - Senior AI Consultant
| minutes read

Coronavirus has meant organisations have had to quickly pivot and change their ways of working, and Sopra Steria is no exception. Creating Covid-secure environments and negotiating lockdowns has meant that our contact centre has had to operate with a reduced team on site and we needed to instigate a robust means of remote working to reduce pressures on our agents and help them better support our clients.

We selected Amazon Connect to enable omni-channel contact centre systems - i.e. where you can facilitate both voice and chat interactions in one place.

Amazon claimed it was the  quickest and easiest contact centre as a service platform to set up, but we didn’t appreciate quite how effective it was until we actually built a contact centre platform for our Service Desk call centre from scratch in just four days.

In these four days, we were able to roll out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  for our clients and agents supporting intelligent routing, inbound and outbound calling systems, as well as real-time analytics dashboards.

Our MVP provided services for five clients in three days, with services for all our remaining clients going live within the next 24 hours. Everyone across all teams involved pulled together to get this service back up and running extremely quickly.

Since implementing Amazon Connect for our Service Desk, we have developed the offering further:

  • creating an automatic call-back system to drive further efficiencies;
  • developing chatbots within the same platform to foster an omni-channel and cohesive experience for the end user;
  • and developing further analytics capabilities, including sentiment analysis.

Sopra Steria’s Cloud Centre of Excellence team is also developing measures around the infrastructure to strengthen the security around the tool and to ensure GDPR compliance.

Having been using Amazon Connect successfully it has proven itself to be a scalable and dynamic solution for contact centres.

Like other cloud systems, Amazon Connect is modular, meaning we can combine Amazon services to build bespoke platforms that fit around the clients’ needs. The modular system lends itself to the classic cloud-style pricing system where you only pay for what you use. This makes it more accessible to clients who do not want to invest in an expensive contact centre platform when they don’t intend on using many of its features. Another benefit is that the modular system enables a more agile approach to development, where you can start with an MVP and build out from there, integrating into other Amazon services to create a more advanced product.

If you would like to hear more about our work with Amazon Connect, please reach out to me (, or Simon Herd ( We’d love to hear from you.




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