Hope, ambition, dedication. My eye-opening look into the Sopra Steria India Foundation

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In late July and early August, my colleague, Jen Rodvold, and I, had the opportunity to visit India for the purpose of seeing first-hand what the Sopra Steria India foundation does, and as Video Content Creator for the company, capture footage of the experience for those who are not as fortunate as me to have such an amazing opportunity. I was honoured to be invited and excited to go on a trip like this. What I didn’t expect, was for it to have such an impression on myself, and to become a real advocate for a cause as incredible and impactful as the Sopra Steria India foundation.

School India


During the course of our 8-day trip, we visited Chennai, Pune, and Delhi, seeing various schools, homes and Sopra Steria offices. This allowed me to see the students that the Sopra Steria India foundation helps, and the volunteers and CSR workers that put in the hard work to allow the scheme to be such a success.

Assembly India

As soon as I arrived in India, it was clear to see the cultural difference between the UK and India. The poverty was highly evident, especially when we visited scholars in their homes. These scholars often lived in one-room homes, where entire families would live and care for each other. But because of our sponsorship, we gave them a vision of a route out of this difficult life. This was made evident in particular when one scholar’s mother was present during our interview. And as we finished, she spoke about how proud she was of her daughter, and began to get emotional, due to what her daughter is going to go onto achieve thanks to her hard work and our financial support. That was on the first day of our interviews, and therefore at the very start of my experience made me realise the Sopra Steria foundation really is making a huge difference to people’s lives.

Every student I saw clearly had so much desire and motivation to achieve their ambitions. They had a target, and they knew how to get there, through their hard work and dedication. They realised that they needed financial support to achieve their dreams, and were therefore very grateful that Sopra Steria had chosen them to make their dreams come true.

Along with seeing sponsored scholars, we visited schools that Sopra Steria provide support for. Each school we visited gave us an incredibly warm welcome with their hospitality, even putting on performances for the purpose of our arrival. The generosity and care of the teachers and students showed how grateful they were because of our support. The Sopra Steria India foundation provides computers to schools throughout the country, where the children are given the opportunity to apply their creativity and learn much more necessary skills in order to succeed in the future. Along with computers, the Sopra Steria India foundation provides the basic amenity of clean drinking water through the installation of water towers. Without our help, the children wouldn’t have such a basic necessity provided for them, which is truly shocking. This is why the scheme must continue and grow.

As the volunteers vocalised (and as I saw for myself), it is a shame we cannot sponsor every child and support every school. In one school, I saw young students expressing their ambitions and future wishes, and if they did have the financial support I could see them achieving them. And although we cannot help every single child, we can certainly try our best to help as many as we can through the continued support of the Sopra Steria India foundation.

Through the course of the next few months, various videos will be created from the footage I filmed, and will be published to further explain the Sopra Steria India foundation, and clearly show how it greatly helps underprivileged communities. ­




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