Sustainable Technology

Our environmental sustainability programme is award-winning and a fundamental part of how we help our customers improve their environmental performance. 

IT accounts for 2% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, but that figure is growing, and the energy and resources it takes to manufacture, transport and run our technology is a much bigger impact.  Reducing the energy consumption from unnecessary sources is becoming an a top priority in industry, not only due to the climate change implications but also as a cost saving initiative.

We help our clients to transform their business to lower carbon operations,  based on creating an IT-enabled transformation programme that enables them to reduce their carbon footprint. We will carry out a base lining assessment at commencement of service, followed by repeat annual assessments, allowing us to show a consistent improvement.

Sustainability must be actively managed, monitored and improved as part of the complete life cycle, and we follow the ITIL framework for the implementation of best practice in service management. We have built on this framework by creating a sustainability view for each process and function of the ITIL lifecycle to demonstrate the considerations to be made in line with a sustainable best practice service when customising the processes for service delivery