Using Data to Drive Change in Government

   Data is a key building block of digital transformation in public services. It is playing an increasingly important role in improving the citizen’s experience of public services. Commercial applications such as Citymapper – which uses open data from Transport for London – are hugely popular. But too often the value for internal decision making is latent and requires predictive and preventative analytics to unleash it. 

The reality is that a huge number of data and analytics projects never see the light of day. Why is that? At Sopra Steria we believe it’s the result of three key challenges:

  • From an IT perspective the challenge is how to deliver integrated, accessible and accurate real-time data to decision makers in an easily digestible form
  • For decision makers the challenge is how to demonstrate the value the organisation will gain from using the data to target resource and allow greater automation and self-service
  • For both, the challenge is how to collaborate and design solutions that integrate and exploit data sets from across government departments, the wider public sector, private and community sector sources

“Through 2017, 60 percent of big data projects will fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation, and will be abandoned.” - GartnerAt Sopra Steria we help the public sector overcome these challenges. Our approach is entirely pragmatic, helping IT and decision makers unite to exploit valuable data resources and become an analytics-powered organisation. It is focused on integrating, organising and leveraging structured and unstructured data to provide a greater understanding of customers, citizens and business operations. And it comprises four key service areas – consultancy, integration, data management and analytics.

Our brochure addresses the complex business problems of using data to drive change in government through accessible insights and intelligence.