Pioneering a smarter approach to energy management

Supporting energy and utilities sector transformation

Did you know...

  • Sopra Steria has more than 25 years’ experience in the energy and utilities industry and in excess of 1,500 dedicated sector professionals.
  • We are delivering the most important smart meter project in France, developing the technology behind the deployment of 35 million new-generation smart meters for ERDF.
  • Our solutions and services embrace key players in upstream, power generation, transmission, distribution, retail, water, gas, utilities and service segments of the energy and utilities market.
  • Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) consulting services provide expertise and optimisation of our clients’ production assets with up to 20% savings.
  • With our dedicated Smart Geo Solutions industrialised skill centre, we design location-based applications to meet current and future needs.
  • We have combined our key offerings in EAM, Field Services Management and Smart Geo Solutions in a single bundle of services that drives value through location-related operations management enabled by mobility tools.
  • Our Smart Energy Management solution has been implemented at our Sopra Steria France HQ to manage the building’s energy use, as well as in other new or renovated buildings.
  • We partner with solution providers as well as with our clients to fully embrace the extended energy and utilities ecosystem and the innovation behind it.
  • Our BPS (business process services) centres handle millions of customer enquiries, helping our clients maximise revenues and speed up cash collection, while improving customer engagement and reducing costs.
  • A leading French energy firm’s 9,000 network technicians are seeing improved levels of performance thanks to an operational field service management system developed by Sopra Steria.

Moving from utilities to value-added services

Maintaining the efficient delivery of a sustainable, economic and secure energy supply in a complex and rapidly changing marketplace

Confronted by wide-ranging challenges, from customer demands for value-added services to new data flows and increasing environmental concerns, operators are seeking new ways of working and new sources of energy. Despite considerable cost saving programmes across Europe, operators know they must invest in maintaining and refurbishing ageing infrastructures and assets, and developing new generation capabilities.

Rising customer expectations demands the deployment and maintenance of new equipment and innovative services. These include new, more complex billing services and pricing models, as well as smart meters providing real-time energy consumption data that must be efficiently managed.

With a network of more than 1,500 dedicated energy and utilities professionals, Sopra Steria is supporting the transformation and resource optimisation required to meet these needs. We work with our clients to help them respond to challenges such as the deregulation and increased competition that are turning the spotlight on operational efficiency.

Strategy and efficiency

We have proven experience in key areas of industry strategy and understand the pressure on companies to explore a mix of distributed energy supply in the face of growing environmental and efficiency concerns. This means introducing renewable energies into the energy grid, developing and deploying smart meters, streamlining and balancing production and consumption, enhancing energy performance, and investing in low carbon generation.

At the forefront of energy expertise, we deliver cost savings, total quality of service and agreed outcomes that meet our clients’ needs in the core areas of Smart Energy Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Field Service Management and Smart Geo Solutions , as well as our GAS-X solution for IT Management.

But that’s not all. Every day our clients trust us to run their IT infrastructures and applications portfolios and support them with business consulting, efficient testing and business process optimisation. We have a proven reputation for delivery excellence and for building long-term trusted partnerships. Indeed, 95% of our clients renew their contracts with us. Isn’t it time you took acloser look at Sopra Steria?

"Sopra Steria’s strong portfolio in building and delivering IT systems assured us that they have the right experience and expertise to support our role as Settlements Services Provider for EMR. We are excited to be working with Sopra Steria to build a pioneering settlement system for the benefit of EMR stakeholders"

Peter Haigh, Chief Executive, ELEXON

Putting intelligence at the heart of energy management

 In the face of significant cost pressures and rising environmental concerns, how do you use technology to run your own and your customers’ operations efficiently and sustainably?

Buildings, districts and cities are becoming smarter and greener in their approach to energy management. For businesses and local authorities, the key to this rests on putting in place the systems to manage and control energy consumption and production. In turn, operators are seeking to achieve the optimum balance between power generation and energy demand and comply with new regulations relating to the collection of domestic energy consumption data.

Sopra Steria leads the way in this area. At the vanguard of IT-enabled energy efficiency, our Sopra Steria Smart Energy Management solution offers end-to-end optimisation of business energy use and a commitment to sustainable results.

Addressing the whole energy efficiency ecosystem

Exciting technology developments have brought about a new, smarter approach that puts intelligence at the heart of energy management.

Our services include the following:

  • Smart Home: we work with energy operators to design and develop information systems for the full scale testing of energy consumption reduction and new usages and services in the home.
  • Smart Building: we optimise the energy efficiency of buildings and meet the requirements of occupants in terms of comfort with an innovative system covering the entire energy value chain, from production to delivery of energy. This solution enables power management to be streamlined according to usage and comfort requirements.
  • Eco Neighbourhood (or Eco District) and Smart City: we design and develop IT solutions to support energy performance at a neighbourhood or wider city level. We bring unprecedented expertise in interoperability, data governance and security to ensure the integrity and consistency of exchange in an increasingly connected world. Our IT solutions also support the development of new and future energy services, as well as other digital-based services (security, parking availability, urban mobility, etc.).
  • Smart Grids: designed to intelligently integrate generators, suppliers and consumers, Smart Grids will ultimately support smart production and consumption of energy. How? By matching these aspects and combining intelligent monitoring, control and communication, managing demand- response and the introduction of renewable energies into the grid (energy mix, local loop, etc.) and ultimately providing intelligent billing of new energy services.

Backed up by our integration experience, we address each step of the energy management ecosystem, making the link between smart energy management and corporate information systems to offer a broader benefit.

 Sopra Steria is at the forefront of the Smart Cities and Smart Grids evolution at a neighbourhood (or district) level. In France, we are involved inIssy Grid®, the country’s first district Smart Grids. This optimises energy production and use across the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Drawing on our Smart City offering, we meet the ecosystem requirements through the supervision and overall optimisation of energy management,making the most of the urban diversity and complexity.

Managing the asset lifecycle to mitigate risk

How do you ensure an enterprise-wide view of your assets so that you can manage them effectively throughout their lifecycle?

With millions of assets above and below ground, in customers’ homes and at commercial premises, energy and utility firms face the challenging task of maintaining and monitoring their equipment and infrastructure as efficiently as possible. How do you manage and share the information you hold on these assets? Asset management is often governed by regulation, as well as by the need to control costs while managing business risk. This demands proven quality systems supporting accurate and consistent data to demonstrate governance of assets and adherence to the regulations.

Asset lifecycle

With 15 years’ experience in repository and technical enterprise asset management (EAM), Sopra Steria provides a comprehensive EAM solution that meets the need to prolong the asset lifecycle of ageing infrastructures. It comprises both business consulting services around asset management, auditing and optimisation, as well as maintenance strategies and purchasing (supply chain). Implementation includes a technical assets repository and integration with existing environments.

Our EAM solution supports the sharing of asset information and helps to optimise assets, whether physical infrastructure and equipment, field service engineers, or smart meter deployments. It can rely on a geographic information system (GIS) that is used to locate assets for easier and global management.

We also provide IT systems enhancements and the change support necessary to identify the optimum end of life for assets. And we can plan investment priorities to achieve cost effective and timely programmes of enhancement or replacement.

With our business consulting and EAM solution, our clients benefit from heightened asset governance, cost reductions and optimised maintenance plans.

Did you know…

Sopra Steria helps a main electricity distribution network operator to manage the maintenance of its network. Our solution optimises and anticipates maintenance of the company’s production tool, essential to ensure the quality of services delivered to its users.

Improving productivity and securing deployment

Is there a smarter, more cost effective way to improve workforce effectiveness, secure operations, such as the deployment of huge volumes of smart meters, and control installation pace and quality?

Constantly changing work and repair orders are typically a big cost centre. Petrol consumption is high and customer satisfaction is easily damaged if scheduled work doesn’t take place at the time agreed.

Mobile technology can change this situation. It enables a new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly approach to delivering services. At Sopra Steria we have made exciting advances in mobility to offer a proven Field Service Management solution built on efficient mobility tools and location-based capabilities.

Our mobility services enable real-time, two-way communication between the field force and despatch centre. They provide timely access to vital information and streamline the business processes supporting transmission and distribution operations, both in the office and out in the field.

Employees working in-situ receive their work and repair orders in real-time on their mobile devices, so are able to deal with emergency repairs more quickly. Their jobs and journeys are allocated to achieve optimum efficiency using features such as geographical services. These include map functions and journey optimisation.

Smart meters are an essential component of the Smart Grids. They are the link between supplier and customer, giving an opportunity for operators to gather information and provide added value services. In France, the Sopra Steria Field Service Management solution is supporting meter deployment, both electricity and gas, enabling transformation of the energy distribution network and helping operators adapt to new industry business models.

Smart meters

As a leading player in smart meter deployment, we also developed the IT system to manage the world’s largest deployment of smart meters in partnership with French utilities firm ERDF. This system allows lean optimisation of the organisation’s deployment (scheduling of meter installations, planning, monitoring and orchestration of all stakeholders in the roll-out organisation) and the coordination of the progressive rollout of 35 million meters.

The Sopra Steria Field Service Management solution comprises

  • Business consulting in field service transformation: Change management and training of your field service personnel, as well as mobility interface design, mobile device selection services and performance and security consulting.
  • Integrated solution design to streamline business processes: We integrate solutions from leading vendors and provide essential mobility building blocks, such as communication and synchronisation tools and software for mobile devices.
  • Implementation of a packaged solution: Our clients benefit from our field service management expertise, deployment methodology and customisable rollout IT tool, along with mobile applications, geographic information systems and our expertise in utility business processes

We’re helping major energy providers enhance their interaction with customers and business partners, enabling them to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction with improved field service performance.

Optimising operations budgets with location-based data

Are you equipped to use the latest geographic information systems technology to get more from budgets dedicated to operations and quality of service?

New geographic information systems (GIS) capability offers exciting potential for enhancing operational and strategic performance. With more than 18 years’ experience in GIS projects supporting clients in the utilities, transport, defence, local organisations and other industries, Sopra Steria is a leading player in GIS development and operations.

We draw on this strong business knowledge and GIS expertise to offer our clients end-toend support, from consulting to operation. Our GIS teams have a specific sector focus, enabling them to design solutions that best respond to the challenges and demands of each business they support.

Location-based applications bring a new dimension to data analysis and we’re at the forefront of developments in this area. We design and integrate fixed or mobile solutions to optimise the management of networks, resources and assets.

Our efficient, reliable and innovative GIS solutions based on geo-located data analysis enable the following services:

  • Management of physical networks in energy and utilities, including lines and pipes, transportation, such as railways, and in defence
  • Area mapping to manage operations, disaster response, safety, accident prevention, route planning, maintenance, evacuation routes and more
  • Device management (tracking fixed or mobile devices)
  • User information on field workers, public transport and road users
  • Logistics management, such as tracking supply chain (goods, equipment, transport routes)
  • Economic land management, such as matching the location of public services with population concentration.

GIS mapping also supports environmental protection activities. It can be used to take into account the flora and fauna in operational areas and to map predicted climatic risks, such as flooding.

Our dedicated and industrialised GIS skill centre designs and analyses new approaches to provide innovative solutions based on mobility, cloud, 3D, crowdsourcing and Big Data. We meet the information needs of businesses and full ecosystems, such as Smart Cities.

Sopra Steria’s GIS solutions in energy and utilities are improving operations management at a number of levels, including more efficient equipment maintenance (pylons, electric lines, transformers) and faster meter deployment. The Route Management component of our solution accelerates access to vital information for field operators and helps to streamline work order planning to improve productivity. Relying on GIS capabilities, our Field Service Management solution has enabled a leading French energy distribution network operator to save up to 12,000 work hours and 180,000km of travel per working day.

Operating successfully in the liberalised market with GAS-X

 How do you unravel the increasingly complex supply and grid operations that have resulted from deregulation in the European gas market?

Liberalisation has led to significant changes in requirements for companies operating in this sector, from wholesale suppliers to grid and storage operators. Competition is intensifying at both gas supplier and trader level and the transfer of essential data in the market is an ongoing challenge.

This demands new and well integrated IT solutions featuring offer calculation, planning and accounting, gas flow balancing and commercial dispatching. High performing and efficiently integrated software also helps grid operators respond to changing system availability requirements and increasing cost pressures.

Within this landscape standard software products based on intelligent individualised concepts are vital. Sopra Steria has the solution. Our GAS-X product suite has been developed for and used in the European gas market for more than 20 years. Indeed, our GAS-X community already comprises 35 active gas companies and our skilled GAS-X consultants are well versed in this sector’s technology, regulations and business process requirements.

Constant support

GAS-X provides consulting services and the implementation of solutions for energy data management, billing, grid operations and balancing management, offer calculations and planning. It also features workflow and communication engines for natural gas suppliers and transmission system operators

The solutions and services within GAS-X are designed to offer constant support for today’s business processes. Our clients benefit from the efficiencies of billing process automation and optimisation, as well as greater agility in contract, capacity and balancing management.


This is how we are supporting our customers with GAS-X

  • German gas distributor WINGAS has used GAS-X to optimise and automate its billing process and has incorporated the GAS-X portal into its website.
  • E.ON uses the GAS-X Balancing and Capacity Management solution for the general handling of supply capacities and for nominations at entry and exit points.
  • E.ON France relies on GAS-X Sales to handle the entire invoicing process for all of its Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) customers, as well as Industrial and Commercial customers with gas commodity contracts.
  • Natural gas supplier EconGas GmbH and its subsidiaries are using the GAS-X Sales solution for the realignment of sales, billing and planning processes. It is providing the basis for mapping the key business processes of quote calculation, billing and planning.

Rising to the challenge of a transformed operating environment

Working with clients at every level of the energy and utilities market, Sopra Steria offers solutions that incorporate new business models, game-changing technologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.

Our portfolio of energy and utilities sector solutions is enabling our clients to respond to a radically altered operating environment. These industry-specific solutions are complemented by our proven IT-enabled services, consultancy and technology solutions that give you the agility you need to make change happen as quickly as possible:

  • Transformation services: ensuring the efficient transformation of business processes, applications and IT infrastructure
  • Consulting: making the most of our sector expertise to successfully implement strategic and organisational change
  • Application development and system integration: from solution definition, design and development, to deployment and ultimate benefits realisation. With our help, your IT can become a significant revenue enabler, unlocking business insight and operational efficiency
  • Testing and quality assurance: bridging the gap between application development and systems rollout in areas such as innovative mobile device management solutions
  • Application management: agile, focused IT services based on guaranteed outputs and outcomes designed to optimise and maintain solutions, such as those governing enterprise asset management and mobility
  • Infrastructure management: meeting the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, performance improvement and growth
  • Business Process Services: delivering a step change in business efficiency, agility and performance.

Many of Europe’s leading energy and utility companies work with us to relieve their operational, regulatory and budgetary pressures so that they can stay focused on their core activities and deliver smart energy management.

We use our best-in-class consulting, solutions, industrialised services lines and implementation expertise to ensure our clients are able to compete successfully in a new operating landscape. For example, our testing service line is helping a water company to do more for its business by managing peaks in demand for testing, development and applications change.

Did you know…

in the UK Sopra Steria is supporting its energy and utilities clients with transformational IT and Business Process Services (BPS). Our goal is to always deliver business outcomes that enable our end customers to achieve their strategic imperatives, whether that’s cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, or increasing revenue.

Sopra Steria energy and utility solutions and services

We have developed specific services, solutions and innovations for the energy and utilities sector, including:


  • Business Process Consulting and Implementation
  • Programme Management
  • Change Management
  • Regulatory Change Management
  • Application Management & Development
  • Testing
  • End-to-End Case Management
  • End-to-End Testing Management & Governance
  • Operational & IT Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • GAS-X - IT solution for gas
  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Geo Solutions
  • Smart Metering Deployment
  • RT.Easy for SAP IS-U
  • Grid Balancing
  • Trading and Risk Management
  • Distribution Planning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Solutions (SAP, Oracle)
  • Enterprise Content Management - ECM
  • Procurement Transformation


  • New Business Models for B2B and B2C
  • Business Visioning
  • Channel Strategy & Portal Solutions
  • Cloud based, Infrastructure On Command
  • Digital Visioning
  • Smart CitiesMobile Application Development
  • Target Operating Model Design & Roll-out
  • Technology Insight & Direction