REMA 1000: Simple digital processes are often the best

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ServiceNow as a workflow engine

Sopra Steria has provided ServiceNow as a service to REMA 1000 since 2015. This includes administration, further development, project management and strategic advice, meaning ServiceNow is a central part of REMA 1000's IT landscape. The solution functions as a workflow engine across disciplines, it compiles data and acts as a digitisation platform. ServiceNow is now used for more and more processes and is growing in popularity internally. This means that ongoing and planned projects increase in scope, and are closer to the actual value chain of REMA 1000.

What value did this create for REMA 1000? 

Easier everyday life for store employees 

REMA employees can now carry out tasks on behalf of their store with an intelligent helper – a smart chatbot – that they reach directly in Workplace Messenger. In addition, they have fewer tools to deal with, as the IT portfolio is updated in the new store portal. 

Increased interaction 

Those who work in accounting, product assistance and IT (among others) use the same solution, while different departments in REMA can interact and collaborate efficiently and transparently across classic silos in the organisation. 

Increased control 

With the help of project and portfolio management, overlap between projects has been reduced. This has led to both major savings and a tidier IT landscape. REMA had complicated processes when they had to work with many suppliers in several countries. ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management has now digitised these processes. 

REMA's quality department saves time because it is only the deviations that have to be followed up (expired certificates or outstanding tasks). REMA is thus left with better control over the store.


What did we contribute? 

We assisted REMA 1000 with introducing the ServiceNow platform, which is now used across the entire organisation, meaning they gained an efficient and shared work tool that creates value for the entire business.   

The platform supports, among other things, case management, comprehensive business processes, automation of tasks, quality work, internal control, risk and business management, project and portfolio management as well as GDPR-related tasks.  Sopra Steria has also developed a chatbot and a new portal for store employees.   



  • 60% of cases from stores are automated.
  • Thousands of fewer hours spent annually on manual processes such as access management and access requests.
  • 99% faster resolution time for local markdowns, which leads to less waste and is good for the environment. 


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