Optimising customer services for Local Government: delivering value by putting customers first

Through our proven Local Government Business First methodology we are able to achieve improvements in quality of service that are delivering cashable savings.

Local Government market challenges

 There is no indication that the pressure on local authorities budgets is going to be relaxed so the need to deliver long term sustainable savings grows ever more important. The business driver is simple but familiar; protect front line services whilst working within the constraints of the government’s austerity programme.

There are opportunities for the bold within this turmoil; by offering choice and actively encouraging mobile and self service channels, efficiencies can be realised whilst improving the customer experience. Likewise the ability to integrate front end and back end systems through digitisation offers significant opportunity to drive down the cost of operation whilst driving up customer satisfaction through quicker, streamlined decision making.

How can Sopra Steria help?

The introduction of new levels of process optimisation opens up even greater opportunities to optimise operations, reduce costs and increase flexibility. Importantly, this also allows organisations to free up staff to focus on higher value and customer facing roles, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Our Local Government knowledge and business process credentials means our focus is on meeting business challenges. We use digital solutions to underpin this focus and work with a range of suppliers to offer a choice of solutions in for example E forms, automation and risk based assessment that enables a pioneering service to expedite the delivery of core processes more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.

Reaping the benefits

The realisation of process automation efficiencies is often achieved in business functions involving high volume, transactional services such as Revenues & Benefits. However, any business area featuring a high volume of manual, highly repetitive, multi- step and rules based tasks is a strong candidate to deliver substantial efficiency savings.

Working with you we will establish design principles for new ways of working, such as:

  • Capture information at first point of contact
  • Tell us once
  • Max 3 clicks to get to website destination
  • Consistent quality of service across all channels
  • Staff access to the right information, at the right time
  • Empower all staff to make appropriate decisions

We will use proven mechanisms to deliver process and organisational change that will deliver cashable savings through process optimisation, the elimination of waste and removing non-value add activities.

How do we start?

 Sopra Steria undertakes an initial engagement to identify a suitable business area to review. We then undertake a Discovery exercise, engaging with the business to understand business strategy, challenges, future aims and objectives in order that we can identify key areas for a return on investment. We will deliver an Outline Business Case identifying these key areas and will undertake this Discovery phase for a fixed fee of £5K. This fee is offset against the cost of the Insight phase once this is commissioned.

Authorities have the opportunity to progress to the Insight phase, whereby Sopra Steria will deliver through a fixed price high level business review process with the following outputs: 

  • Process redesign
  • Modelling
  • New target operating model
  • Benefits realisation plan
  • Route map to achieve target operating model

Optionally, Sopra Steria can then be engaged to deliver the outcomes identified above through an implementation phase.

What makes us different?

  1. Our business led approach achieves increased efficiency and delivers improved customer service at a lower operational cost. Typically our local government customers have achieved a 25-35% saving with a return on investment within 12 months.
  2. Our high end process consultancy, methodology and approach to delivery ensures that clear operational benefits are derived, and we leave the business with an embedded continuous improvement culture following completion of the exercise.
  3. Our ability to remain scalable and flexible, and deliver rapid realisation of benefits.
  4. Our approach to optimising use of existing systems and processes avoids the need for costly investment in IT solutions and lengthy projects.

Next steps

We will be happy to provide an early view of the potential value to your business. We can then quickly identify the potential return on investment, operational savings and efficiencies that can be achieved. 

Contact us to find out more about the opportunities for your business to benefit from our approach.