How to become an analytics powered enterprise: Key insights from the early adopters

Executive summary

   Applied data and analytics promise great advantages to organisations of all sizes, offering new insights and decision-making tools as well as real-time feedback. But all too often such projects struggle to go beyond proof of concept. In fact, Gartner reports that only two out of five data and analytics initiatives go beyond piloting and  experimentation. So what makes for a successful outcome?

The truth, as revealed by a Computing and Sopra Steria survey, is that whilst there is a lot of endeavour in the market, and organisations are becoming more mature, not all organisations have the necessary structure and mindset to deliver these initiatives. In order to succeed, organisations must first lay the groundwork through executive level leadership, a coherent strategy and proper data governance. Further, the project needs to focus on a discrete business outcome and use data and analytics to create a real business advantage.

This research report explores the aspirations of data and analytics projects as well as investigating the key to successful delivery and execution. It suggests that the scaling of data and analytics projects into production requires organisations to consider their level of technical and organisational maturity.

Read the full research report and see also a summary of findings in our infographic.