Digital tranformation projects: a strategy guide for decision-makers

Digital transformation

Execution… and enjoyment

  In the face of today's many challenges, digital transformation represents the ultimate evolution for businesses or organisations and brings about change in needs, applications, offers and economic models. How can digital transformation be effected successfully? Tackling digital transformation involves embracing the digital revolution and even contributing to this revolution. The real problem is not about finding ideas because partners are never short of ideas; creation techniques trigger their emergence and start-ups provide impetus. As often, the main difficulty arises in the execution
of a project: how to let ideas emerge organically, how to make mistakes, learn from them, move on and use what works?

This White Paper gives the keys to articulate and combine strategy and execution.

The first issue is how to define a strategy for genuine digital transformation: the issues and risks. It looks at the relevant technologies to explore to implement the right conditions for rapid deployment of new services or approaches. The second issue is how to structure an SI and SI projects so that businesses can develop their core services. The final issue is security enhancement, forging effective transformation teams, and the use of management 3.0 or other innovation methods.

This process is only possible with a holisticiterative approach which brings teams a sense of adventure and pleasure. The work lays out the best practices to understand and assess the important issues and create a successful transformation project.

Happy reading…

And enjoy the transformation…