Telecoms and media: An agile response to new industry dynamics

Supporting business transformation and tapping into new revenue streams

Did you know...

  • Sopra Steria has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecoms market
  • We have 2,000 skilled professionals specialising in telecoms around the world
  • Sopra Steria successfully implemented centralised portability number management for both fixed and mobile networks in France
  • We were the first company to test end-to-end telecom operator processes across an enterprise IT environment
  • Sopra Steria has a skill centre dedicated to Operation Support System solutions, including service activation and service assurance, network performance management and problem handling
  • In the most recent awards from French telecoms company SFR, Sopra Steria won the SFR Supplier Challenge award based on the criteria of innovation, customer satisfaction and sustainable development
  • We work with the leading telecoms and media operators in France, Germany, Spain, Scandinavia and the UK, including BT, BBC, Canal+, Orange, SFR, Telefonica O2 and T-Systems
  • We are a key partner in the Ecomouv’ Group 14-year public-private partnership delivering the French Government’s heavy goods vehicles eco-tax project. Each vehicle subject to the tax will carry onboard equipment for satellite global positioning and data communication
  • We have been helping a French telecoms leader with its customer financial management (CFM) application for more than 20 years

"Our partnership with Sopra Steria is a major asset in terms of supporting our continued innovation policy for the benefit of our clients. This, in turn, improves our attractiveness in an ever more competitive market."

Emmanuel Erba, Purchasing Director for IT Systems and Services, SFR

Reducing operational costs and improving quality of service

How do you respond to the continued pressure to reduce operational costs while finding new sources of revenues, improving the quality of service and winning the loyalty of digital customers?

The dynamics of today’s telecoms and media sector are shifting fast. New devices, such as tablets and smartphones, unlimited mobile usage and new offers associated with cloud computing must all be built into evolving network strategies. There is a significant bandwidth challenge and telecoms operators that only a few years ago invested in 3G must now move ahead with fibre optics and 4G as Long Term Evolution (LTE) gathers pace.

Within this rapidly changing landscape companies are looking for new market segments and revenue streams, offering services beyond voice and data. Telecoms and media organisations are forging partnerships and must find ways to deliver a differentiating customer experience.

Sopra Steria has a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions designed to help clients rise to these challenges and manage the competitive threat from new market entrants. We have a track record of more than 30 years in telecoms and media and a network of more than 2,000 professionals dedicated to the sector.

With specific solutions for managing the end customer and ensuring quality of service (QoS), we are the partner of choice for IT transformation in this sector. Our business expertise and transformation capabilities are demonstrated in our large contracts with companies such as Orange, BBC, SFR, BT and Canal+.

Clients benefit from cost savings, total QoS and agreed outcomes in the core areas of Service & Network Management; Rating, Billing and Customer Financial Management (CFM) Solutions; Customer Journey; and Mobile & Digital Life.

But that’s not all. Every day our clients trust us to run their IT infrastructures and applications portfolios and support them with specialist industry-specific consulting services. Our business process outsourcing and testing services add further value as companies seek to drive out costs, find new ways to streamline back offices and guarantee QoS of new products and services.

We have a proven reputation for delivery excellence and for building long-term trusted partnerships. Indeed, 95% of our clients renew their contracts with us. Isn’t it time you took a closer look at Sopra Steria?

Did you know…

Sopra Steria is working with Telefonica O2, providing finance and accounting business process outsourcing services designed to reduce costs, improve performance and drive innovation within O2’s UK operations.

Transforming service and network management capabilities

 Speed and transparency are vital as new multiple-component subscriber packages and services are rolled out across increasingly complex networks.

Customers expect new services to be activated quickly and accurately. The huge demand for such services, however, is putting a strain on resources with operators struggling to translate commercial offerings into technical capability at speed.

As subscriber packages become more complex, operators are losing visibility of their networks. What technologies do they have? What services are they delivering? This lack of transparency stands in the way of accurate and rapid service activation. The problem is often compounded by an inability to analyse perceived network quality and provide vital business intelligence on quality of service.

Sopra Steria can help you to transform your service provision and network management capabilities. Our combined telecoms and IT expertise is an important asset for our clients. We understand both the business processes and operational constraints and offer a range of services designed to support the rapid and safe provisioning of new services:

  • Business consulting audits assess service and network management capabilities and needs
  • Technical experts help to rationalise network inventories
  • Systems integration specialists ensure all your network elements come together seamlessly and integrate with dedicated software suites such as IBM Metrica, Oracle and Telcordia
  • Third party testing services allow you to get to market with new products and services quickly and cost effectively.

We bring everything together in an effective service and network management solution that comprises:

  • Order management, service activation and mediation devices management – providing rapid service provisioning in support of great customer service
  • Network inventories – giving you an aggregated view of all your network elements for effective business intelligence
  • Service assurance – providing QoS across your network, products and services
  • Performance management – ensuring consistent network performance supporting a reliable infrastructure for the delivery of both existing and future client services
  • IT service management: implementation of ITIL processes for incidents, and demands – giving you the tools and methodology needed for effective IT infrastructure management.

Sopra Steria provides relevant and accurate QoS indicators and the ability to quickly activate new revenue-generating services.

Did you know…

Sopra Steria is providing a German mobile operator with a combined business and IT transformation solution that will ensure the operator’s current mobile infrastructure and all further investments deliver maximum value in terms of customer experience and service quality.

Agile billing systems drive revenue

 As new services are activated providers must start billing immediately to gain maximum revenue, but too often complex systems are preventing this.

It takes time to configure new services, but time costs money. As telecoms and media companies seek to diversify their product and service offer to capture new revenue streams, many billing systems can’t keep up. In some cases, customers are enjoying their new services for free because their provider is unable to quickly take into account new business models in its billing and rating systems.

The longer it takes to adapt these systems, the less chance there is of getting to market with new services and offers ahead of the competition. Telecoms and media companies recognise the need for system flexibility as they cater to multiple services, new content types, new service plans, new business rules and new business models. This demands innovative tools enabling them to quickly adapt to the dynamic changes in today’s market.

Sopra Steria can help. Our billing and rating system takes into account new business models, including revenue sharing with content providers and other partners, Telco 2.0 trends and audience monetisation. We enable you to design and implement business rules, products and services as and when they are needed. You will equip your business with a billing and customer financial management (CFM) solution for next generation communications and service provision.

With extensive experience of supporting operators in the definition and redesign of their billing processes, including pre-billing and post billing, we provide a full outsource service in this area. We can operate the service for you or provide a standalone solution integrating your billing and post billing operations to create a single agile system. A pay-as-you-go model gives you the opportunity to align investment with your business priorities.

In partnership with Sopra Steria you will speed your time to market with the rapid deployment of new value-added services and quickly integrate revenue share partners into your billing system.

Did you know…

Sopra Steria has implemented and operates the largest IT system for a private television company in Europe in a transformation of the core subscriber management system.

Establishing strong relationships on the customer journey

The more you know about customer buying patterns and lifestyles, the better able you are to drive new revenue and retain your best customers.

Stiff competition from new market players, such as global internet and technology companies, means that building strong customer relationships has never been more important. Accurate and relevant information is vital in order for you both to cross sell and to retain your best customers.

What have they subscribed to? Which services do they use on both fixed and mobile networks? What are their family members using? Only with this knowledge can you provide a truly differentiated customer service. You will be able to improve acquisition, reinforce retention, reduce churn and increase the adoption of new services.

But how do you gain a 3600 view of your customer interaction? With multiple products and services and information held in various repositories, turning your customer data into valuable knowledge is a significant challenge. Sopra Steria can help you put the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

We support the customer journey with the following:

  • Enterprise Information Management: our enterprise content management, business intelligence (BI) and data management solutions and expertise help optimise customer profiling. We have an EIM centre of expertise with 800 consultants focused on deriving maximum benefit from enterprise data
  • Customer Relationship Management: our consulting and implementation services will support the integration of your customer databases and migrate and consolidate your data to give you a single view of your customer at every touchpoint
  • Call centres: we integrate your IT and telephony and provide tools to optimise your call centres, including effective workforce management and knowledge management systems
  • Innovation: our BI strategy development and analytical applications, such as customer intelligence, give you the insight you need to rapidly get to market with innovative products and services.

You will gain a single view of your customers across every touchpoint. From customer self service portals to order-entry systems and throughout the entire customer lifecycle, Sopra Steria gives you the tools and service to reinforce customer loyalty with personalised products and services aligned to individual customer profiles.

“Sopra Steria’s experience in conducting similar large projects, along with the commitment of its people and its leadership, will enable us to provide effective support to operators with a model that will answer to their different issues (quality of service, reliability, economic efficiency).”

Jerome Bouvier, Director, The Association of Fixed Number Portability (APNF)

Did you know…

 Sopra Steria is helping a leading European telecoms operator consolidate its customer data from different sources, regardless of the offering (fixed, mobile, broadband or internet services). This will provide a unified view of the operator’s customers and promote an increase in both business activity and customer loyalty.

Seizing the mobile and digital opportunity

The role of today’s telecoms company is changing. It is no longer just about voice and data connectivity, but is central to business development in new market segments.

Mobile and digital technologies have brought rapid change. Companies have seized the opportunity to use new and emerging technology to adapt their business models, create new revenue streams and offer differentiated customer services. Machine-to-machine (M2M) capability is transforming diverse business sectors, including energy, transport, insurance, government and the public sector and emergency services.

Telecoms companies are at the heart of these developments. From mobile health solutions allowing the delivery of information at the point of patient care, to innovative financial products, such as remote financial transactions on hand-held devices, telecom operators are providing the enabling network connectivity.

Sopra Steria is the ideal partner to take you further on this mobile and digital journey. We are a trusted partner in some of the world’s biggest mobile and digital programmes, collaborating with telecom operators in new ways. We have developed innovative applications and solutions with both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) implications. We have provided clients with digital and mobile portals, geographic interface systems (GIS) and M2M solutions. We also enable real-time, secure synchronisation of heavy volumes between central systems and mobile applications.

Sopra Steria provides the technology support and expertise you need to embed your services in today’s mobile and digital business landscape. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Vehicle telematics: on board devices offer a wide variety of services, including geographic information for emergency and maintenance calls, driver behaviour profiling, route optimisation and sustainability reports and advice. Our Smart Driving solutions can reduce fuel consumption by 10% to 15%
  • Smart Energy: Sopra Steria is a leading player in both Smart Grids and smart meter deployment
  • Enterprise mobility solutions: we design and implement mobile applications embedded on tablets and smartphones, providing real-time information and transforming business processes. These include our Field Service Management solution, which enables real-time, two-way communication between the field force and despatch centre and timely access to vital information.

Did you know…

Sopra Steria supports innovation as part of the customer journey. We are involved in a project with a leading mobile telecoms provider targeting developing countries on the African continent. We have helped deploy and upgrade an innovative, mobile phone-based payment service. This allows people without bank accounts to access bank services (deposit, withdrawal, transfer) and other services such as bill payment and repayment of micro credit.


 Sopra Steria developed the IT system to manage the world’s largest deployment of smart meters in partnership with French utilities firm ERDF.

"The Rollout Information System is an essential building block in the plan to implement 35 million new-generation meters. Sopra Steria has finalised the first operational phase of the project on time and within budget. This first phase was extremely important (…) Its successful completion is due to the talent and the drive displayed by the Sopra Steria and ERDF teams, who work in an entirely integrated manner using an innovative project-management methodology."

Jean Vigneron, Managing Director for Metering, ERDF

Rising to the challenge of a rapidly changing technology and business landscape

Working with clients at every level of the telecoms and media sector, Sopra Steria offers solutions that incorporate new business models, game-changing technologies and proven expertise in business process optimisation.

Our portfolio of telecoms and media solutions is enabling our clients to respond to the need for safe and rapid provisioning of new services and assured QoS. These industry-specific solutions are complemented by our proven IT-enabled services, consultancy and technology solutions that give you the agility you need to make change happen as quickly as possible:

  • Consulting: making the most of our sector expertise to successfully implement strategic and organisational change
  • Application development and system integration: from solution definition, design and development, to deployment and ultimate benefits realisation. With our help, your IT can become a significant revenue enabler, unlocking business insight and operational efficiency
  • Testing and quality assurance: bridging the gap between application development and systems rollout in areas such as innovative mobile device management solutions
  • Application management: agile, focused IT services based on guaranteed outputs and outcomes designed to optimise and maintain solutions, such as those governing enterprise asset management and mobility
  • Infrastructure management: meeting the drive for cost reduction, flexibility, performance improvement and growth
  • BPO: delivering a step change in business efficiency, agility and performance.

Efficient business processes

We draw on our best-in-class consulting, solutions, services and implementation expertise to ensure our telecoms and media clients are able to operate efficiently in a new landscape. For example, our RightTesting organisation helps enterprises reduce the costs and risks of bringing new products and services to market, including convergent, broadband-driven and IP-based services.

Among our many success stories in this sector are our work with French telecoms operator SFR, for whom we helped implement a robust and responsive system of testing that is enabling the company to balance the potentially conflicting demands of innovation and reliable service delivery.

In the UK, telecoms provider BT forged a BPO partnership with us that has already delivered more the £100 million in savings as we provide efficient and timely finance, accounting and payroll services, as well as enabling technology.

Did you know…

ranked UK No 1 in multi-purpose F&A BPO by analyst firm NelsonHall, Sopra Steria provides innovation to the BBC in a fully managed finance & accounting/payroll processing service and an IT service involving 300 staff. With our support, the broadcaster is releasing substantial savings over 10 years to reinvest in core programme making.

The right approach to testing

We have tailored our RightTesting solution to meet the specific needs of clients in telecoms and media. Our focused approach to your testing will help you to reduce the costs and risks of bringing new and market-winning products and services to market.

Our RightTest Consulting, RightTest Transformation and RightTest Managed Services solutions will deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved speed of change and business agility
  • Improved speed to market
  • Predictable costs
  • Reduction in un-planned outages
  • Improvement in product quality and business execution
  • Quality assured products through increased defect discovery.

Sopra Steria telecoms and media solutions and services

We have developed specific services, solutions and innovations for the telecoms and media sector, including:


  • Application Management & Development
  • Business Process Consulting and Implementation
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Corporate Resource Optimisation
  • Change Management
  • End-to-End Case Management
  • End-to-End Testing Management & Governance
  • Finance Transformation
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Operational & IT Outsourcing
  • Partner Management
  • Programme Management
  • Regulatory Change Management


  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Enterprise Solutions (SAP, Oracle)
  • Mobility and Digital Life
  • Procurement Transformation
  • Rating, Billing and Customer Financial Management
  • Service & Network Management


  • Business Visioning
  • Channel Strategy & Portal Solutions
  • Cloud based, Infrastructure On Command
  • Digital Visioning
  • Legacy Enablement
  • Location-based Applications
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Target Operating Model Design & Roll-out
  • Technology Insight & Direction