Mobilising your workforce with Sopra Steria mForce

A vision for combining next generation devices, productivity tools and advanced systems integration to improve utility companies’ customer satisfaction ratings

A customer-centric organisation

 Are you losing the customer satisfaction battle? Results from a 2014 Which? Switch energy satisfaction survey show that small providers are way ahead of the biggest energy suppliers when it comes to customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s not just retailers and banks that recognise the value of building a customer-centric organisation. The customer experience is becoming more and more important for utility companies too – and Sopra Steria has an exciting proposition for putting the customer at the heart of everything you do.

Sopra Steria has a vision for delivering tangible benefits to utility companies’ bottom line. It’s a vision designed to make a real difference to your customers: from using smartphones and tablets, to advanced integration with your legacy systems and new approaches to customer service.

Incorporating analytics and insights from ‘big data’ we are working to make it all happen in a ground-breaking transformation exercise.

We are investing in developing Sopra Steria mForce now.

The mForce transformation programme

Our proposition rests on an industrial strength prototype mobile application called ‘mForce’, together with a cutting-edge service model in a complete transformation programme. We have created our mForce application as an accelerator to ‘get moving’ and speed up the adoption of your customer-centric organisation. It’s not prescriptive – we can change the colours; we can move the buttons; and, most importantly, we can tailor it 100% to your enterprise architecture.

Over the following pages we explain how our transformational programme will help utility companies to maximise your existing system investments, free up your device choices and take current applications into the mobile age.

Making change happen

 As a trusted transformation partner for private and public sector organisations, Sopra Steria fully recognises the scale of your present challenges.

We understand the urgent need to equip your mobile workforce in a world of ever-changing technology to meet increasingly complex customer expectations and complete a growing number of processes.

Our solution is a new and unique state-of-the-art mobile offering that brings together the field operations and customer service responsibilities in a single easy-to-use application. This is designed to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and boost the efficiency of your workforce.

Our vision is to deliver mForce as a complete transformation programme that will change the way utilities companies enable their mobile workforce and customer services teams to work as a single entity. By adopting mForce you will quickly see how this ‘single team’ approach directly improves your customer relationships, touching all of your operational departments – field operations, customer services, procurement, marketing and finance.

We have experienced consultants ready to help shape the delivery of your mForce transformation, including exploring the following areas:

  • Strategy & Requirements Definition
  • Application Development
  • System Integration
  • Full Device Roll Out & Applications Deployment
  • Training, Service and Support.

Our resources are ready. Are you?

Building your business case

 With mForce from Sopra Steria you can transform your business and win the customer satisfaction battle. First, however, as part of your mForce transformation, our business consultants will work with you to develop your transformation business case.

This will ensure you have defined a clear set of KPIs and a Return on Investment target before undertaking the mForce programme. We will help you to develop a bespoke solution design, including decisions on application architecture, systems integration and development.

The solution components are flexible and our intention is to offer you the opportunity to take as little or as much as you need. We can phase in the functionality and services to meet with both your organisation’s and your people’s requirements, or we can implement your solution all in one go.

Putting aside the significant gains in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, we firmly believe the business case for this type of project can be based on savings in hardware, telecoms, network, data and mileage cost alone.

Identifying savings

Our business case focuses on achieving a reduction in operational costs to your business across a set of agreed metrics, including:

  • Savings in high price mobile field force hardware, such as ruggedised PCs or handheld devices;
  • Savings in your team’s telecoms network data use;
  • Savings from a reduction in inbound calls from your mobile workforce to internal departments for support;
  • Savings in mileage costs based on improving the movement of your workforce, with a corresponding reduction in your company’s CO2 emissions;
  • Savings in your operational support costs through implementing a single point of contact help desk for all hardware replacement, applications support and integration.

That’s not all. We can help you achieve significant gains in the following areas:

  • 1st time resolution of problems and activities relevant to a customer case within one visit, taking massive cost out of your operations and increasing customer satisfaction;
  • A significant reduction in your customer complaints due to improvements in your customer data / notifications / location / work order data availability;
  • A much improved customer experience with more precise appointment times, automated reminders to the channel of their choice and communication tailored to their needs and preferences. This is enabled by leveraging the learning about your customers and about your mobile workforces’ experiences with typical jobs;
  • Better communication between your mobile work force and your offices, enabling field employees to become powerful advocates for your business and your brand when meeting your customers;
  • Free up your team to focus on improving customer service rather than compensating for issues in your existing systems.

mForce - Supporting a day in a life of your mobile worker

Your mobile field force employees will experience many different scenarios during their working day. We have created mForce with this in mind, allowing for the most up-to-date information and data to be accessible whenever and wherever yor teams choose to access it.

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Bringing your mForce transformation to life

The benefits outlined in the business case will come from a number of specific scenarios, as detailed below:

A single operational entity

This will transform the way your mobile workforce and customer services work to improve the customer experience and drive up CSAT. The productivity of your mobile resources will be increased through an optimised approach to work assignments, with applications and data available on any device. Your workers will receive updates and information to their device wherever they are and whenever they need it, not just a batch process overnight. This will allow them to react to urgent customer needs, and your customer services team will knows exactly where the field force is at all times.

Use existing systems to achieve end-to-end workflow management

Transforming with mForce will not require any ‘rip and replace’. The solution protects your existing legacy system investments by making it easy to re-factor legacy applications, acting as a responsive user interface layer over the top of your existing applications.

The types of applications that integrate into mForce include Customer Survey, Job Completion, Network Uptime Information, Enterprise Asset Management, Maintenance Requirements, Incident Workflow / Project Management Tools / Customer Information Tools.

We’ve built a future-proof responsive design wrapper to sit on top of your existing applications and provide a slick user interface suited to any device. This will help establish vastly improved workflow integration and promote collaborative working right across your enterprise.

Make flexible device choices

We know that you want to break the cycle of the same ruggedised notebook and dumb terminal purchases year-on-year. At a purely cost level, these are typically five times more expensive than higher spec modern devices. Imagine, instead, your workforce being able to use any device they want from a preferred list that even gives the choice of an iPad, an iPhone, a cutting edge Android device or Windows.

Worried about breakages? Don’t be: as part of our mForce offer we can put casing around your devices that is proven up to military standards if required. We also address any security concerns with industry-leading mobile device management technology that can remotely wipe a device in seconds.

Our end-to-end service model can then get a new device into the hands of your mobile workforce within hours at a location that suits them.

Your procurement team will only have one company to go to for every device, support and fulfilment – all they need to do is check its value for money and select the telecom provider.

Anywhere, anytime training

We believe training should be delivered anywhere that works best for you and your team – classroom, video, phone, or e-learning. We are ready to deliver all of this within your mForce transformation programme.

Real-time automated customer connectivity and a 360º operational view

mForce keeps your customers connected in real time. They will receive alerts and updates and can confirm their satisfaction on the spot using the same device your workforce does.

And it’s not just the customer who benefits from the connectivity enabled by mForce. Your field force management team have a 360º view of their network. They will be able to see the work in progress and make quick decisions using both their existing systems and analysis of external data sources in a fast and efficient manner.

Your remote workers can access all of your enterprise IT systems. They will be able to tap into mission critical information, such as maps, plans, parts catalogues, customer and safety information – all in real time.

We’re giving them real-time updates on the homes and offices they’re visiting; from locating the properties, to working around traffic limits or busy roads. They’ll have easy access to work list management, calendar, timesheets, expenses and messages when they are ready to deal with them.

Cut down your data traffic

You will improve the flow of data to your field workers’ devices. They will have little need to spend time on the phone because they can now request everything that wasn’t previously available online. Even when there is no mobile signal available, advanced caching facilities built into mForce will mean your field workers are still be able to work offline anywhere and at any time.

New ways to reward your team

 Finally, Steria mForce will empower your mobile workforce to work hand-in-hand with your customer services functions. They will use tools that promote collaboration. They will feel incentivised to deliver an improved customer experience every time.

And, after a hard day’s work, they can enjoy the additional benefits of using their device in their downtime. So they can browse popular sites and download apps as per an approved list, making device ownership a personal benefit for your workforce. You trust them with your network and customers, so let us help reward them with a device they’ll really care for. For your peace of mind full secure device management means that each device can be securely wiped remotely in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

mForce transformation – delighting your customers, field force and management

The outcome of all these scenarios is clear. Your Sopra Steria mForce transformation programme will help you to make change happen fast. Sales will be boosted by your engineers being able to introduce new products and services while at customer locations. They will offer customers a no-forms-to-fill-in option to learn more about something really relevant to them, reducing application forms processing and admin costs.

In turn, your finance team will see greatly reduced mobile data 3G bills, less downtime and more and more customers. There will be a burst of rich customer data, giving your senior team insight into how every customer satisfaction metric is going through the roof.

Sopra Steria’s mForce development

As a company we are committed to the development of mForce and are investing in taking our vision and making it a reality.

Our industrial strength mForce prototype mobile application is just the start. We’ve also invested in establishing a cutting edge service model. This is built on agreements with best-in-class partners for mobile hardware, training and fulfilment, CRM, knowledge management and enterprise data integration.

We know this is far from a simple discussion in terms of which of your existing legacy systems and software apps to bring to the platform. As a minimum we believe mForce can easily connect field and remote workers with all of your enterprise IT systems. It will provide access to and visibility of mission critical information, such as maps, plans, parts catalogues, customer and safety information, in real time, without the need to rip and replace existing legacy systems.

We’ve been providing IT-enabled business services for more than 40 years and have a long history working in the utilities sector. Our hugely experienced consultants are ready now and looking forward to helping you win the customer satisfaction battle. Sound Good?

Sopra Steria’s experience in the energy and utilities industry

  • Sopra Steria has more than 25 years’ experience at the forefront of energy and utilities
  • We have in excess of 1,500 dedicated utility sector professionals
  • Our customer services outsource centres provide inbound customer enquiry and outbound debt collection voice services
  • We manage more than a million customer billing enquiries a year
  • Our Utility Support Services ensure that excavation sites are safe before works are carried out
  • We provide a seamless multi-channel customer experience
  • We can enable your mobile workforce and customer services teams to drive up CSAT scores, cut hardware costs and increase first time issue resolutionSome of our energy and utility clients include:

Over forty clients.

mForce day cycle

8am onward

Job queue confirmed, mForce sends SMS messages to customers providing predicted arrival time.

9am onward

mForce working with existing GIS software provides field engineers with the most efficient route, updating the arrival time at a customer location based on real time info - updating customers by SMS.

10am onward

Field engineers can capture on site issues via video or photo and share with their Field support team


mForce gives Field Engineers direct access to a tailored knowledgebase where they can look at the latest task and refer to manuals or plans on the system.

12 onward

Field Engineers can also request more resource, order spare parts or ask for specialist assistance.

1pm onward

A completed job can be signed off electronically in the field.  Customers can take surveys and give feedback, so Head Office quickly know how well the job has gone.

2pm onward

On completion of a job, mForce allows customers to view offers, and product and service suggestions on site – to improve their existing service

3pm onward

The mForce management  console provides a real time, aggregated view of satisfaction ratings for the day for all calls and field calls

4pm onward

mForce caches updates and new documents whenever the device has a strong signal

5pm onward

mForce devices support email, calendar and productivity apps, so your field team can catch up on their admin and work related tasks anywhere

6pm onward

If an mForce device is broken or stolen, your data is fully protected. Devices can be remotely wiped and a replacement ordered from our 24/7 distribution hubs.

You can even unlock the devices after hours, so your employees can use them for personal use.

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