Data and analytics: Becoming an analytics-powered enterprise

In today’s dynamic business world no-one would dispute that access to advanced data and analytics tools and techniques can provide companies with new insights that drive better decision making and competitive advantage

  Yet the reality is that a huge number of data and analytics projects never get beyond proof of concept. Why is that?

At Sopra Steria we believe it’s the result of three key challenges. Knowing how to:

  • Deliver integrated, accessible, real-time and accurate data in an easily digestible form.
  • Demonstrate the value a company will gain from using the data to anticipate and satisfy dynamic operational and customer demands. 
  • Design solutions that can be industrialised and rolled out across the entire organisation and its ecosystem of partners.

At Sopra Steria we help organisations overcome these challenges. Our approach is entirely pragmatic and built upon years of success in helping IT and business decision makers unite to exploit valuable data resources and become an analytics-powered enterprise. 

We are focused on integrating, organising and leveraging organisation-wide data to provide a greater understanding of customers, operations and markets.

Our approach

This comprises four key service areas – consultancy, integration, data management and analytics


The first step toward being an analytics-powered enterprise is defining a data and  analytics strategy that supports your business goals. Our business experts work  collaboratively with your users to establish the initiatives that will deliver the most benefit from data and analytics solutions.

At the same time, our technical experts then work with your IT team to establish the current maturity of your IT architecture and the changes that will be needed to support the initiatives.

Through this approach, we unite business and technical experts to build proof of concepts that:

  • Enable you to build a business case and gain buy-in for the implementation.
  • Provide clear deliverables and demonstrate the value of the final solution.
  • Can be effectively scaled out across the organisation.

Our modular approach and end-to-end capabilities ensure value is realised at every stage and that the project is able to flex in line with changing requirements.


 A key part of any data and analytics strategy is delivering the right data to the right people at the right time. Our specialists work with you to identify the data sources that will be needed and then help you understand your options for consolidating the data from them.

Ultimately the aggregation processes for structured and unstructured data will need to run on a physical architecture, which could be on premise or in the cloud and involve software from multiple vendors and platforms.

Our strengths in managing complex, large scale data, combined with our strong spatial data aggregation, migration and service oriented architecture experience, enable us to help you architect, deploy and maintain the optimum environment for your organisation, based on best of breed solutions.

Data management

  For your data and analytics strategy to be successful it must be underpinned by effective data quality and provenance. Employees must be able to trust the data they are using to make decisions. Bad data leads to bad decisions.

Our data management services are designed to help you securely manage and govern the structured and unstructured data you have in your organisation. Firstly, they help you understand what the data is, where it has come from, what was done with it and where it can be found.

  Secondly, they help you design, implement, maintain and extend logical and physical data models. The result is improved data quality and efficiency, as well as the ability to deliver robust self-service solutions across multiple channels, securely.

Finally, they help you to publish a wider range of data through open data initiatives. By extending the data layer, other companies and organisations can build apps and tools and apply analytics to meet specific challenges.

The key here is to empower people to use the data, while enforcing ownership and accountability to ensure data integrity is maintained.


At the end of the day, whilst having accurate, up-to-date data is vitally important, value is only generated when it can be used to improve decision making and deliver better business outcomes.

Our experts unite the business to help you identify and adopt the most appropriate analytics and reporting tools to make sense of your data. Because requirements across the organisation will differ significantly, our  approach is entirely flexible.

  For example, a solution for operational reporting to line managers is likely to be very different from a solution for predicting the outcome of certain business activities or embedding artificial intelligence, cognitive computing or machine learning into a web store to deliver a more dynamic and engaging customer experience. For analytics and reporting tools to be successful and deliver value, they need a few key attributes.

Firstly, the solutions need to be able to deliver information at the precise moment it is needed. With the pace of business today and the amount of information collected growing exponentially, employees and machines must have the right information at the right time.

Secondly, the solutions need to be easily accessible and easy to use. Decision makers need the ability to slice and dice data themselves, without the help of the IT function, and they increasingly need to be able to do it on mobile devices.

Thirdly, the solutions need to be easy to understand. Sophisticated visualisation tools can be used to help  users gain insights much faster than columns of numbers or spreadsheets. Sopra Steria partners with a number of organisations who are already working on virtual reality technology that will allow users to immerse themselves in the data and spot patterns that just couldn’t be seen with traditional reporting.

Supporting your specific data and analytics journey

We recognise that organisations will be at different stages on their data and analytics journey. Perhaps your most pressing need is data migration from one system to another or you need advice about data governance best practices?

  Maybe it’s your IT architecture that is holding you back or you need help understanding how the business can best take advantage of predictive analytics?

Our services have been designed to be adaptable to your specific needs. Whether you choose to take advantage of all or just one of them will depend on your particular situation. However you choose to engage with us, you can be sure our services are backed by in-depth knowledge and experience, quality tools and best practices gained from delivering successful projects in many industries throughout the UK and Europe.



Let’s talk

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