Achieving a 70% cut in data entry costs

Morrison Utility Services (MUS)


Morrison Utility Services (MUS) is the UK’s leading utility services provider. MUS works with major organisations across the electricity, gas, rail, water and telecoms sectors to repair and maintain their infrastructures and networks, empowering them to deliver a high-quality service to millions of customers nationwide.


The challenge

Morrison Utility Services (MUS) prepares 150,000 Safe Dig packs every year to support its work in renewing, refurbishing and maintaining utility infrastructure and networks. The packs contain detailed plans and drawings showing the location of underground services, such as gas or water pipes. Heavily labour intensive to produce, they ensure that appropriate planning and safety precautions are taken before excavation work takes place.


The solution

We worked alongside MUS to create 150,000 Safe Dig packs, and have introduced ground-breaking Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to automate manual work. Our software robots have been developed to retrieve asset location information and handle the high volume, repeatable tasks.


The results

By working in partnership with MUS, we’ve been able to deliver the following results:


  • The software robots have enabled us to increase processing accuracy to 100%
  • MUS is now able to deliver Safe Dig packs with zero defects
  • Faster, more accurate throughput (with the potential to cut data entry costs by up to 70%) is leading to reduced response time for delivery requests


When compared with a daily average of 580 Safe Dig packs produced by human hand, RPA has, to date, demonstrated the capacity to produce an average of 800 packs per day – with the potential for more if required.

Andy Carter, MUS Director of Business Process Improvement


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