Tom Staley

Technology Advisory and Innovation Lead

Recognised as a Trusted Advisor, Tom works across the Public and Private Sectors, combining fresh thinking and sector knowledge to develop intelligent and innovative identity solutions that re-imagine the future; embracing innovative, disruptive technologies to deliver new services in a digital world.

Latest Publication

Latest Publications

Cloud: The foundation for innovation

| Tom Staley

Cloud computing isn't just a trend- it's a strategic imperative. Read more about the foundation for innovation and the advantages of migrating to the cloud.

The power of Open Innovation

| Tom Staley

The concept of innovation has taken on a pivotal role in determining an organisation's success. In this blog, we discuss the forces behind innovation and our research.

Open Innovation: key trends across Europe

| Tom Staley

We surveyed over 1,600 startups and organisations from the public and private sector across 10 European countries to find out how the corporate-startup collaboration phenomenon evolving.

Crossing International Borders

| Tom Staley

To get an insight into what service users think about interactions at the border, we conducted a survey of 1,020 representative UK citizens. Take a look at our infographic to discover the key results.

6 key considerations for digital identity service design

| Tom Staley

Good service design is critical to service success and adoption. Let’s take a look at six considerations for digital identity design that have been shaped by our experience.

Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Identity Trust Conference

| Tom Staley

We attended the OIX Identity Trust Conference last week, where the key theme was the importance of building trust in order to promote the adoption of digital identities by organisations.

Identity week round up

| Tom Staley

Identity Week is back! Here’s a summary of the key themes explored during the event: Security, Design, Re-Use and Inclusion.