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Our tools help teams master design thinking, with IT as the platform

Are you nimble? Do you iterate your design thinking? Do you prototype your products and services and put human factors at the heart of everything you do? Sopra Steria does.

We have become masters of design thinking, integrating people into our IT process right from the start. Our methodologies and toolkits have become a way of life, our tools help teams master design thinking, with IT as the platform.

What is service design?

Service Design is about the process of designing services. It’s understanding a customer need and designing the end-to-end view of the service holistically. Within a service we have people, systems, environments and various tools that shape the service. We lead by co-designing, collaborating the service, and bringing together expertise to share the intent and provide a clear view of what the outcomes and opportunities are to drive growth.

For our customers, meeting the needs of diverse users will never be easy. But service delivery and customer experience can be improved - driving higher efficiency, greater user adoption and improved user satisfaction.

Why do we do it?

Service design visualises the relationship of the customer touch points, imagining a future experience through insights and design shaped around the customer needs. We achieve this through a range of methodologies that:

  • ‘Humanise’ our technology solutions, using a people first, not technology-led approach, focusing on the interaction between touch points of the service (phone calls, websites or communicating face-to-face)
  • Gain insight into how a customer interacts with the service. Our design process encourages co-creation with our clients and their users to ensure that what we provide is robust, scalable and enjoyable to use
  • Visualise the relationship of customer touch points within their physical environment, across business and IT infrastructure, enabling an organisation to realign future investment and achieve their outcomes
  • With the right approach—and supporting tools and resources—service design offers a new and better way of helping your organisation deliver enhanced services and stronger results to the people you serve.

How do we do it?

First, we make sense of the patterns and complexity, we identify the gaps and we understand what the needs of the user and business are. We uncover what business outcomes will be delivered and how to do it. 

Using our methodologies and design thinking we collaboratively work with our clients and the users to rapidly transform design thinking into something tangible. Once the product or service has a purpose, we execute, we deliver. Together, we create an experience that the user loves and the business or organisation thrives.

image showing examples of service design work

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