Ethics and sustainability: Innovation with purpose

Across financial services, retail, government, defence, and health, leaders are re-examining how their organisations can better serve people and planet while improving efficiency, profitability and resilience.

Many are asking: how can we become a truly purposeful and values-driven organisation while creating shared value for all stakeholders? What changes do I need to make to my business model? Where should I invest to achieve my Net Zero objectives and how can I make the most of data and advanced technologies while maintaining and building trust?

We help organisations to create a fair and thriving world by finding practical, ethical, and sustainable solutions to business challenges.

How we do it

Digital ESG: Set a vision and strategy

We enable organisations to improve their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategies and programmes by identifying specific challenges and motivations behind their sustainability ambitions, leveraging data to gain insights and improving decision-making.

Digital and Data Ethics: Build trust in your digital services

Our Digital & Data Ethics service helps you identify, prioritise, mitigate, and manage the impacts of data and technology on people, communities, and the environment. By establishing digital and data ethics strategies, organisations can de-risk data and technology programs, improve user engagement, meet regulatory and non-regulatory standards, and build trust with stakeholders.

Accessibility and inclusion: Ensure everyone can use your services

We help you make sure that people with a diversity of needs can access the services they need to do their jobs or participate in life. Sopra Steria’s Digital Accessibility & Inclusion Consultants help organisations understand what different service users need and create a practical roadmap to improve accessibility by combining human-centred design, business process design and service mapping, along with knowledge of the inclusive technology landscape.

Strategic Vulnerability: Support your at-risk users

We help organisations provide better support to users in a vulnerable situation by identifying customers in need of extra support, making better use of customer data both safely and ethically to provide the services they need, while offering additional services to support people in times of need. We combine a human-centred design approach, advanced data modelling, customer experience re-design, and data ethics with specific technology tools along with a network for support partners to provide the best possible service to these users.

Environmental Sustainability: The path to your sustainability goals

Through a ‘human plus data and technology’ approach we help organisations to identify sustainability priorities and create practical solutions to mitigate impact and improve performance. Improve energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste.  Find practical ways to Net Zero that align to regulation, engaging stakeholders from customers, to employees, to policymakers.

Social Value: Ensure your organisation does good in the world

We enable organisations to design and execute social value programmes that deliver results by adhering to the UK Government’s Social Value Act. Sopra Steria brings expert knowledge of both the Social Value model and specialist ESG expertise, as well as partnerships that increase impact and scalability, along with tools that help monitor, measure and report on impact.

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