Business Transformation

Business transformation: aligning the organisation for success

Today, organisations need to innovate and transform amid complexity. By changing the way they operate and act, businesses can improve performance, achieve critical obligations, increase employee satisfaction and reduce risk. At Sopra Steria Consulting, we create people-centred organisations that align what's valuable for users and customers with what works for employees. We work with clients from start to finish to ensure we solve the right problem and achieve lasting transformation.

How we do it

Benchmarking and maturity assessment

We help you understand where you are and what to do next. Drawing on data from hundreds of scale organisations, our maturity assessments can help you gain a new depth of insight into your organisation’s culture, agility and customer centricity. We help you identify where best to focus and how to take your organisation to the next level.

Leadership and culture

We’ll help you to build a stronger organisation. A strong leadership culture and fostering an environment of continuous improvement, helps organisations improve employee engagement, innovation and overall performance. We help organisations transform their organizational culture and leadership practices through culture assessments, leadership coaching and change management planning. 

Organisational design for effective, accountable organisations

We develop target operating models and guide our client’s agile transformation to help them improve efficiency and effectiveness. By aligning the way the organisation works with customer needs, we improve performance, sustainability, and resilience in a fast-changing world. And because we’re grounded in Sopra Steria’s deep experience of creating large scale services, we know how hard this is – and how to make your operating model a reality.

Governance: managing risk and driving success

Strong governance practices, leaders can ensure transparency, accountability, and sustainable growth – while allowing the organisation to act with pace and purpose. We apply organisational design principles, forward-thinking compliance processes, and behavioural psychology to ensure effective decision-making frameworks.

Business process transformation: eliminate waste and improve quality

We help organisations streamline their operations and increase efficiency. Through process mapping, workflow analysis, and benchmarking against industry best practices we identify areas for improvement and work with you to implement changes that reduce costs, improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Technology adoption: deliver change with confidence

We help complex organisations manage the transition to new technologies. From stakeholder engagement, training and development to communication planning, our technology adoption and change management experts help ensure that your team successfully embraces change. Our consultants help you minimize disruption, maximize adoption, and realize the full potential of new technologies.



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