Finance transformation

Helping you find pragmatic finance transformation solutions

The finance function challenges

We believe that all Chief Financial Officers want to grow revenue, cut cost and make their businesses more resilient but many fail to achieve this goal – are you one of them?

At Sopra Steria our award winning experienced team of Finance consultants have identified four ‘hot topics’ that can significantly enable the Finance Functions to achieve its objectives:

  1. Adopt digital innovation in the finance function
  2. Use cloud technologies and delivery models to drive business efficiencies
  3. Ensure the right people do the right things in the right places whether centrally, de-centrally or outsourced
  4. Connect your Finance business partners with the right intelligence to drive real value

Sounds simple? Finance transformation doesn’t have to be complicated and our finance transformation propositions paper provides some critical self-evaluation questions to help you consider your finance priorities together with guidance around the broader transformation needs and solutions.

Starting your finance transformation journey

Sopra Steria can help you find pragmatic solutions by:

  1. Identifying opportunities to improve systems, people, processes and service delivery models
  2. Developing a vision, operating models, roadmaps and business cases to transform the finance function
  3. Integrating systems for new or upgraded finance, reporting and ERP solutions
  4. Getting the right people to do the right things in the right places

Our credentials

Sopra Steria create and deploy end-to-end finance transformation solutions from consultancy, business process services and system integration. We are the global leader in outsourcing and business process services for finance, accounting, procurement and payroll. We are also one of the largest European SAP and Oracle system integrators.

We have many clients across both public and private sector in HR, Payroll and Finance transformation including the following: