Taking advantage of on-demand IT service delivery

Organisations across all sectors are increasingly seeking alternative ways to manage their enterprise IT

Cloud offers the solution.

IT leaders are facing demands to reduce IT budgets and improve the return on investment (ROI). In today’s always-connected digital enterprise, poor or inconsistent IT service delivery is not tolerated by the business.

Organisations want to be able to operate their IT for longer hours, without adding to their head count. Is there a better way to manage short-term demands such as the ability to “Cloud Burst” services during busy trading periods, such as Christmas in retail?

Can they make use of historic work and demand patterns to automate increasing and decreasing compute power without the need for on-site people monitoring and managing this? With these pressures driving their decisions, enterprises are seeking to take advantage of on-demand IT service provision. 

Moving to the cloud on a pay-as-you-use model for utility IT services rather than being tied into long-term contracts offers a number of advantages. It makes IT service provision flexible. IT can adapt to business change quickly and efficiently at a minimal cost. With a cloud solution, IT can drive best value performance from its investments. It can improve the efficiency of its people and processes. And crucially, IT can deliver the high availability of service that the business demands.

Making the right choice

As organisations look to move to the cloud, there are a number of questions to answer. Will their cloud solution empower end users through direct access to services and support? Can they seamlessly integrate commodity, cloud and bespoke services into their supply chain? What is the most relevant cloud model for them: private, public, or hybrid?

Sopra Steria can help. We have more than 40 years’ experience of helping our clients improve their operational efficiency, transform their IT and now innovate with digital and cloud capabilities.

We design, implement and manage Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. Our highly experienced people are accredited in classified and secure environments. They have extensive success in implementing service management processes in diverse environments.

We understand the many reasons why organisations are moving to cloud computing beyond the cost and efficiency drivers. It may be prompted by a merger or acquisition. It could be the result of a determination to pursue a green agenda with a more sustainable on-demand approach. And, of course, changing work patterns and practices make pay-for-use computing the most efficient and cost effective way to keep employees connected with systems and information.

We work with our clients to understand their business needs and the outcomes they’re looking for. We will design your solution to work your way so that you can manage disparate workloads in a consistent manner: legacy on premise, private, public and hybrid cloud.

Private cloud

We manage private cloud solutions for our clients. These deliver the advantages of cloud efficiencies while providing tenant isolation for organisations that require a higher level of security or accreditation than can be provided by a shared tenancy model. Private cloud is also the solution of choice for clients who require a level of control that isn’t available through a public cloud service.

Offering development and test, commercial or UK Government accredited services at IL2 and IL3, our private cloud solutions provide rapid access to affordable compute and storage resources. Clients can consume our private cloud services by the hour or on a fixed-term contract. This offers commercial flexibility in tune with individual need.

Public cloud

We implement and manage our clients’ public cloud requirements as part of a managed service or hybrid cloud solution. Public cloud is provided by organisations such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. It provides easy access to compute and storage.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is the most commonly provided of the cloud services.  It gives organisations the flexibility to consume services across a mixture of legacy on-premise and private and public cloud resources either for specific services or to bolster compute power when needed.

Cloud consulting

Our experienced cloud consultants work closely with organisations in diverse sectors to develop their cloud strategies and support their service and supplier selection. They seamlessly guide and enable the transition and transformation of services into the cloud.


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