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Results-focused services that empower success - today, tomorrow and beyond

"Our clients are facing significant challenges; an uncertain economy, emerging technologies, budgetary constraints, increased competition amongst others. Balancing these conflicting demands is difficult and requires a combination of skills, knowledge, innovation and support from trusted partners. We help our clients meet the challenges of today and the future with confidence."

David Green, Sopra Steria UK

Be confident with Sopra Steria

 Technology is evolving at unprecedented speed. In the last 10 years, IT has become all-pervasive and it’s changed the way we work, socialise, consume, communicate and conduct our lives.

The Cloud has inspired new ways of thinking about and engaging with IT. It’s no longer necessary to make a big up-front investment to enjoy powerful business applications. You can simply download them from an online app store or pay as you go online. Even powerful infrastructure is available by the hour. Mobile technologies grow faster and more flexible, transforming productivity across the workforce, just so long as security risks are adequately addressed.

Meanwhile Social Media has created the potential for real-time conversations and information flows between organisations, customers and consumers. In fact, individuals now expect to make the same immediate connections with both public and private sector organisations as they do with their friends in social networks.

While these new channels generate immense volumes of potentially valuable consumer insight, many organisations find it challenging to transform raw information into Big Data.

The pace of IT evolution is impacting every organisation. The challenge for public and private sector leaders is how to react to today’s profound changes. Especially when, in many cases, they are so fundamental that they demand new ways of approaching long-established attitudes and processes.

Technology’s dramatic impact on business

Today’s innovations are fundamentally affecting how businesses run:

  • Cost management opportunities are now legion, with the balance between capital costs and operating costs becoming a clear management lever
  • Customer relationships can be managed minute-to-minute, with abundant opportunities to reach and satisfy customers in near-real time
  • Consumerism has raised employees’ expectations: they now want easy-to-use interfaces and prefer to utilise their own devices in the work place
  • Opportunities for growth have increased thanks to greater availability of market information and access to new global markets
  • Sustainability, although not always a top priority in today’s tough world, is essential to our longterm future. New technologies help you drive down your CO2 emissions and enjoy the added bonus of lower costs.

Face the future with confidence

We live in times of great innovation and business transition. Sopra Steria has over 40 years of experience of helping customers meet their business challenges. We can support you wherever you are on your journey.That could mean managing your current systems, just like we do today for many household names; or working together to understand the most beneficial way to transition your business and technologies.

Working in partnership with you, we’ll help you face the future positively, and give you the confidence to make a successful journey from legacy systems to the Cloud.

Infrastructure Management Services

Working with you to ensure your IT infrastructure delivers

The new IT landscapes are creating opportunities for competitive advantage, with today’s users increasingly dictating what technology they need. Meeting these demands in the face of shrinking budgets and rising concerns about energy efficiency and network security, can be a real juggling act.

Increasing technology complexity just adds to the headache. So if your infrastructure is not up to the job, you simply will not be able to deliver. With our end-to-end approach, we offer a comprehensive range of Infrastructure Management services which ensure you keep pace with these challenges, meeting the needs of your organisation with innovative solutions.

Consulting Services

Making strategic improvements to your IT environment can be a daunting prospect but will almost always realise significant benefits.

Our consultancy services will accompany you on the transformation journey, sharing knowledge and expertise in pursuit of your success:

  • Our infrastructure management experts will understand and support your current IT strategy and evolve the way you deliver your IT services. Paying particular attention to the business processes that underpin the services you offer
  • We ensure that the solutions we design are fully able to support your enterprise by utilising subject matter expertise in your specific market sector across the value chain
  • Our specialist transition managers work with you to manage the whole change process – from concept into due diligence and joint verification to service adoption and exit management .

Transformation Services

Technology is developing at an increasingly rapid pace. IT environments are failing to keep up with the resulting changes and large-scale IT infrastructures are becoming both inflexible and costly to maintain. Organisations now face a range of problems, from the challenge of making applications work across different platforms, to the difficulty of working with the proliferation of diverse control and management systems.

From developing alternative ways to run your network, to making sure that your processes support your business, our transformation services provide a range of options to help you smooth the process of change and ensure your IT systems are ready to meet the future needs of your organisation.

Infrastructure on command

Businesses are increasingly under pressure to deliver IT Infrastructure Services that not only provide proven ’value for money’ but are flexible, scalable and capable of being delivered to a fixed or reduced budget Infrastructure On Command is an IT Infrastructure Platform as a Service (PaaS) that precisely meets this need.

Flexible, reliable and secure, Infrastructure On Command helps you provision and remove new infrastructure ’on the fly’. You can react quickly to changes and opportunities without maintaining a costly pool of spare in-house capacity.

Workplace On Command

When your employees need round-the-clock access to data and applications, our Workplace On Command ’desktop as a service’ delivers the freedom and flexibility your people need to maximise their productivity – at an affordable price. Offering the applications your people need alongside anywhere-access to business data, Workplace On Command will transform your infrastructure and help your people perform.

Whilst employees have access to their business applications on any device, anywhere, they are still operating in a virtual capacity, firmly within the security environment operated by your business.

Clients who have used our Consultancy Services have seen cost savings of up to 30%

Operations management

 With IT at the heart of a successful modern business, keeping it safe and delivering a high-quality service is paramount. From maintaining your end user’s desktop to keeping your systems secure, our operational services give you the cost savings you need, along with the flexibility to deliver the customer service your organisation expects.

Desktop Services

Covering the complete PC lifecycle, our range of on-site and remote desktop management services help you reduce costs and gain more effective control of your IT estate. Free from time-consuming issues caused by dealing with multiple equipment vendors, you will be better placed to fulfil the needs of your business.

System Services

Taking a scalable approach, we monitor and manage the operation of your servers and networks. Our remote infrastructure management service, based in our multi-lingual, 400 seat facility in Poland, can provide you with the problem alert notifications and performance statistics you need to ensure your IT always delivers the performance you need.

Clients who have used our remote infrastructure management service have saved up to 50%

Security Services

 Delivering new ways of responding to rapidly evolving security threats

The demands on today’s information security leaders are onerous. Regulatory requirements governing data assets and reporting must be adhered to. There is a strategic imperative to safeguard sensitive customer information, while enterprises must ensure due diligence in order to share data and prove governance.

Meanwhile social channels and superfast connectivity mean your people expect anytime, anywhere access to corporate assets. A lack of internal resource and reduced budgets compound the challenge.

As a trusted third party (TTP) partner, we help achieve the ideal balance, so you can:

  • Get the best security advice and find the root-cause of information security issues
  • Utilise new security means and find alternative ways to deliver security
  • Run an efficient security operation and optimise your current security toolset
  • Adopt a risk-based strategy for current and new security threats

Improve risk management and compliance

We will help you embed risk-management and information security practice into your wider risk management framework as you:

  • Achieve alignment with regulatory compliance
  • Adapt your security management to business challenges
  • Move to a risk-based strategy

We co-operate with and influence leading standardisation organisations to remain in tune with current and emerging standards and regulations.

From information security management systems (ISMS) to benchmarking and measuring the effect of risk-controls, Sopra Steria embraces the whole value chain. We also have expertise in business continuity management, application testing and penetration tests.

Innovate and compete by keeping your data safe

We can build a data classification capability that gives you a clear picture of the type of data files being stored, their age and their access history.

  • Our expertise in data loss prevention will allow us to identify where sensitive data is being held within your enterprise and across your supply chain
  • This comprehensive assessment will help you evaluate and mitigate the risk of data leaks
  • Our combined strengths in security consulting and data loss prevention will safeguard your data and protect your enterprise against penalties for data protection and non-compliance

Keep the right assets and information in the right hands

If you are concerned that unauthorised users may have access to sensitive enterprise assets, we can help you to:

  • Assess the performance of your Identity and Access Management (IAM) and authentication solution, so you can improve it and implement change, if required
  • Create electronic identities for sensitive and mission-critical purposes including automated authorisation reports to prove efficiency and statutory compliance
  • Deploy the best solutions, from consulting to operations, from our partners or our own biometrics portfolio

We adhere to key performance indicators and service level agreements and you benefit from the latest security tools. These govern credential management, biometrics matching, authentication, identity controls, monitoring user access, provisioning workflow and more.

Empower secure cloud strategies

Our dedicated cloud security offering will help you to secure your Cloud environment quickly and cost effectively:

  • Our Cloud Security Passport includes security due diligence, testing, risk assessment and a bridge between your legacy and cloud information security solutions
  • We support the development of cloud security policies and provide compliance assessments and implementation of cloud security solutions
  • We can also manage the change process with awareness campaigns for end users

With Sopra Steria as your information security partner in the Cloud, you will gain transparent and secure access to business-enabling Cloud Services and monitor compliance with your security policies.

Take a managed approach to information security

With cyber attacks becoming more targeted, malicious and well-publicised, protecting your corporate assets against cyber crime is vital. With Sopra Steria as your Managed Security Service provider, you have the assurance of:

  • Secure solutions that conform to new policy requirements and minimize threats to your business continuity
  • Effective monitoring of your network traffic, including social networks and document sharing systems
  • A central and global security policy governing all your information requirements
  • A single view of the user across your enterprise
  • Technical change management as your information security needs evolve

Our services include filtering and secure communication, intrusion detection and prevention management, protection of web content and emails, host protection and logs management. We also provide real-time security events alerting and management as well as vulnerability assessment and intelligence.

A new way of enabling businesses, a new way of purchasing IT security.

RightSecurityTM Services is an innovative end-to-end outsourced security solution. The RightSecurity portfolio combines the best of expert services and off-the-shelf convenience, saving you the time and expense of tackling each security project as a bespoke consulting and management task. Our unique IPCoR methodology offers robust protection for your data systems, network infrastructure and crucially, your hard won reputation.

Application Management Services

 Delivering outcome-focused Application Services guaranteed to meet your business challenges

Today’s technology-enabled business world is highly dynamic. To succeed in changing and demanding markets, it is essential to improve operational performance, sustain innovation and deliver competitive advantage. With Sopra Steria’s holistic approach to applications management, you’re in safe hands. Everything we do is informed by a quest for service excellence and belief in the power of collaboration.

With over 40 years’ experience and a 4,000+ team globally supporting clients in public and private sectors, we are here every step of the way to ensure high service levels, world-class business performance and ongoing productivity improvements.

Portfolio of Application Management (AM) Services

Our AM Framework presents a standard catalogue of component-based services offering flexibility of choice with clear definition of services that will provide a standard to set client expectations and delivery objectives.

Consulting Services

Trust our experts to help you thoroughly integrate data, systems and infrastructure across partner collaborations, supply chain links and global operations – taking into account changing regulatory requirements.

By aligning application management services with your strategic business objectives, we can help your organisation to remain competitive, delivering an attractive applications estate while maximising the impact of your IT investments:

  • Technology Consulting: Our Application Management (AM) Services embrace leading technology platforms including IBM, Oracle, Web 2.0, SAP and HP. Our experts consult with you at every stage of the journey, delivering savings via smart application management services that are designed to make the whole process self-funding
  • Application Assessment: Our innovative Portfolio Assessment Method (PAM) is a unique diagnostic consulting tool. It helps you to assess every aspect of your current IT application portfolio to ensure that it’s delivering maximum business value

Our powerful approach is aligned with the application lifecycle and the resulting roadmap will quantify the value of each application, identify areas for performance and cost improvement and test the robustness of your applications portfolio with regard to your emerging business challenges and customer service objectives. Development of the roadmap will embrace some or all of the following:

  • Retaining and consolidating applications
  • Rationalising your entire estate
  • Reconstructing and re-platforming key applications
  • Retiring obsolete software.

Transformational Services

With decades of experience derived from a variety of industries, our transformation services will help smooth the process of change.

Utilising our own sophisticated assessment tools and having access to best practice advice and guidance through strong partnerships with our vendors, we enable organisations to optimise, transform and manage a dynamic portfolio of applications and technology.

We can also help you to identify opportunities for re-skilling and re-deployment of staff, perhaps as the result of growth, acquisitions, mergers or demergers.

Application Management Services

Our Application Management Service implements a unified service approach for application services. Once a plan is agreed, we start with the transition, before continuing with the transformation and into the service lifecycle through measured service improvements.

Our client management team gives you a single point of ownership across locations and direct contact with service stakeholders. You will also benefit from flexible and industrialised processes, which allow you to scale support up and down as you require, redirecting resources where you need them and letting you cost-effectively manage your applications to meet your business needs.

We manage your applications to deliver services that enable effective business performance. Our Application Services focus on three core elements:

  • Management and Maintenance of the Applications Portfolio, from inception to operation and application retirement
  • Service Level Management: a constant cycle of agreeing, monitoring, reporting and reviewing service levels and targets to maintain and improve services and quality
  • Client-focused delivery teams, providing consistent delivery of service, ensuring you have what you need at any time

For added peace of mind, our processes are based on ITIL best practices and guidance from the ISO 20000 standard for Service Management:

  • Application Development: Future-focused technology solutions that keep you operating at the cutting-edge. As a true systems integrator, we support you with commodity Cloud hosting and dynamic development environments through to flexible, cost-effective open source platforms
  • Application Management: Innovative, intelligent and cost-effective applications management services that deliver flexibility through industrialised, best practice- based processes

Service based pricing

AM is supported by the kind of true output-based services that give you the power of choice to pay by outputs and outcomes or use a combination of fixed and variable pricing. They help you save budget, reduce your time to market and attract new customers by improving the overall customer experience. This is supported by an output-based pricing layer in your contract which ensures that your needs are met at the right cost. Our Global Integrated Delivery Model provides advantages of proximity, flexibility and agility promoting optional use of shared delivery as well as nearshore and offshore delivery.

We are so confident of our ability to deliver that we contractually commit to lower your TCO and agree to penalties in the very unlikely event we fail to deliver those savings.

Enterprise Services

 Working with you to unlock the business value in your data

Gaining meaningful insight from the large volumes of data and information assets that your organisation generates on a daily basis can be a complex and time-consuming task. If systems and processes are not in place to manage this effectively, you stand to lose the business value this often under-utilised asset can deliver.

We provide a complete suite of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics consulting services, from high-level strategy and governance to delivery and implementation. By making organisations aware of the breadth and depth of Business Intelligence opportunities on offer, we help them to unlock value, recognise cost reduction and enjoy value-added benefits.

Business Intelligence and Analytics consulting

We offer a number of consulting services that assess and benchmark our client’s existing analytical operations, leading to the development and implementation of targeted roadmaps. These include:

  • Business Intelligence Strategy Evolution (biSE®): Working with our customers to create and ensure a robust strategic roadmap to enable best use of business data and information value
  • Maturity Model (biMM®): With a focus on business process, technology and organisational dimensions this assessment comprises of five different levels of maturity that will result in a structured analysis of the current status of BI initiatives
  • Business Intelligence Maturity Audit (biMA®): Orientated at the three dimensions of the maturity model, these consulting services build a framework for the analysis and design of BI initiatives. biMA® allows a quick and structured approach to a new BI initiative
  • biTIL®: Identifies the challenges involved with the adoption of ITIL standards, including coordination, development, operating, supporting and optimising processes
  • biGov®: The definition and empowerment of BI Governance
  • Finance Navigator: Used as the basis of the Finance Transformation Audit, this structured model determines the maturity stages of relevant finance and planning processes
  • Data Discovery Dashboard (DDD): Designed to help measure and monitor issues and inconsistencies that exist with source data, the DDD is an enabler towards improving data quality management and data governance initiatives
  • Agile Data Warehousing and Testing Services: A process that facilitates the efficient delivery of BI projects with appropriate levels of testing governance

Managing information for success

The benefit derived from great information can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your organisation, however it also raises a number of issues. Information needs to be kept secure and your people need to be confident it is up-to-date and compliant with legal and regulatory requirements. By managing your information in this way, you can ensure that the messages your people give to your customers and suppliers, are consistent and correct.

  • Enterprise Content Management: Implementing an enterprise content management system can involve major cultural change. Our experience in the delivery of large-scale enterprise content management projects means that you realise the benefits as early as possible. We use the power of the Internet to enable you to create, store, manage, secure, distribute and publish any digital content across your organisation.
  • Knowledge Management: Unlock, centralise and secure your organisation’s information using our process knowledge, project management skills and technical implementation know-how. From creating, sharing, storing and securing to the publishing of digital content, we provide all the support you need to reduce your risk of improperly retaining content and enhance the way your people work together.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Successful CRM stems from a coherent strategy and from having an agile organisation that can respond quickly to changes in customer demand. Our range of on-site and off-site hosted systems help you target particular problem areas, blending together telephony, web, email, SMS and field operations. Empowered by integrated systems, your staff can resolve customer queries first time, bringing you significant competitive advantage.

Making enterprise systems work better for you

Underpinning the need to manage data and information effectively are the systems that join your organisation together. These systems should align with your organisational processes and the needs of your people, fulfilling your business requirements and maximising your ROI. We have a 20-year record of success as an Oracle partner, delivering the biggest, most complex E-Business Suite implementations, giving us unparalleled experience benefits delivery.

  • Oracle Consulting Services: Our Oracle consulting services transform businesses with hardware and software ‘engineered to work together’. With a team of Oracle specialists, coupled with our status as an Oracle platinum partner and one of only three Oracle EMEA Region SI Programme members, we provide access to an unrivalled range of experience – from major transformation initiatives to upgrades, enhancements, benefits realisation and thought leadership of Oracle E-Business Suite. We have successfully implemented over 100 Oracle ‘Application Family’ projects; and are pioneers of the next generation Oracle Fusion applications. We provide independent, unbiased support in understanding the Oracle roadmap, giving advice and guidance on how to utilise your existing investments and begin to take advantage of the very latest applications using integration middleware and service orientated architecture. We also offer ongoing support across multiple versions to sustain and optimise Oracle applications, underpinned by our accredited functional and technical capabilities.
  • SAP: Our experienced SAP consultants can help you transform your business processes, optimise the efficiency of your teams and reduce your costs. As both an SAP implementation partner and business process outsourcing provider, we offer you a variety of ways to get better value from your SAP investment.

Sopra Steria: RightTestingTM Services

 Delivering first to market advantage through Right First Time Testing

This interlocking three-step approach to testing is based on proven collaborative and consultative processes. Combining industry recognised standards and decades of experience, we ensure that your testing investment is aligned to your strategic objectives and optimised to reduce the time and cost of bringing new products and services to market. Our collaborative and client centric model means you can be confident in a partnership that supports, guides and drives your progress.

Step 1: RightTest Consulting

We combine significant and relevant experience alongside standard-based processes to deliver bespoke consultancy engagements at the industrialised price-point businesses seek today.

Our approach

Over two to eight weeks, through a series of interviews, research and analysis, we assess the maturity of your current testing operation and its ability to deliver against the needs and objectives of the business it serves. As well as uncovering any potentially critical issues and highlighting immediate opportunities to improve both technically and commercially, the Maturity Assessment identifies the needs and priorities, to enable you to operate optimally in the future.

How you benefit

  • Improved speed of change and business agility
  • Reduction in post production support costs, updates and patches
  • Reduction in cost of development
  • Reduction in un-planned outages
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Highlight critical issues
  • Identify quick wins

Step 2: RightTest Transformation

Transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum, nor should it leave one...

Our approach

The transformation process takes you seamlessly and comprehensively to your desired Target Operating Model. Proven processes, an international and agile resource pool and industry leading partnerships in Testing Process Improvement (Experimentus), Application Quality Assurance (HP Quality Centre) and Automated Testing Frameworks (ODIN Technology and QualiSystems), both accelerate and de-risk the transformation phase.

We provide a full communication service to ensure that each and every stakeholder understands and is engaged in the process.

How you benefit

  • Seamless transformation to your desired target operating model
  • No interruption to business as usual
  • Repeatable and rigorous testing methods, environments, toolsets and processes
  • Programme approach to staff education and knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge repository reduces future testing and development costs
  • C omprehensive governance

Step 3: RightTest Managed Services

We are both competent and uniquely confident in our ability to deliver the breadth and depth of services and expertise you require.

Our approach

For maximum cost effectiveness, efficiency, speed to market and quality assurance, Sopra Steria offers a range of discrete, comprehensive and inter-connectable RightTest Managed Services.

These industrialised services meet, and in many cases far exceed, international testing standards. We bring skilled and certified resources (ISTQB), standards, testing automation, quality assurance and domain (industry specific) testing expertise, across Retail Banking, Securities & Capital Markets, Insurance, Telecoms, Retail, Public Sector, Transport, Government and Defence.

How you benefit

  • Predictable costs
  • Move from fixed to variable cost model
  • Output-based pricing
  • Improved speed to market
  • ‘Good practice’ testing processes to reduce risk
  • Service delivery assurance
  • Improved business execution
  • Continuous improvement
  • Flexible resourcing
  • Knowledge transfer

Business Process Services

 Underpinning the success of your organisation

Typically 80% of the cost in a business process is caused by hard to call decisions and problems that are difficult or costly to automate. Our strength lies in being able to handle anything from volume transactional work to complex, judgement and rules-based back or middle office BPO and the exceptions that result.

With a range of innovative, function-specific outsourcing services, we can provide you with the step changes in efficiency, profitability, agility and competitiveness you need to be successful. Thanks to our global resourcing model, delivery is structured to best fit the needs of your business.

Shared services for shared benefit

Many UK and global organisations are seeing the benefit of effective business process shared services, whether internally providing services across departments or functions, or utilising an outsourced model to help drive further efficiency and best practice.

With the option of using shared common resources to support and manage organisational processes, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced duplication and effort
  • Better data accuracy and use of standardised information across the organisation
  • Lower IT maintenance and change costs and more effective IT support for business processes
  • Easier measurement of cost and benchmark efficiency, paving the way for better continuous improvement processes.

Back office services that meet your evolving needs

Some organisations choose to drive efficiency through a single outsource across back office functions. Others prefer to focus attention on one area and add further business functions over time. Sopra Steria can provide consultancy or outsourcing services across a range of back office functions including:

  • Finance and Accounting (F&A): Today, finance must be agile and keep pace with change, acting as a partner of the organisation and identifying opportunities that can deliver real value. As a leading provider of F&A services in Europe, we offer day-to-day transactional services all the way to added value advisory and analytics services. Our world-class services include general accounting, accounts payable, order to cash, purchasing, cash management and employee expenses.
  • Human Resources: Recognition is increasing that Human Resources (HR) can play a vital strategic role in the overall success of an organisation. Our flexible and innovative outsourced HR services cover all aspects of the employment lifecycle from recruitment of new joiners, to exit administration; providing the specialist skills when and where you need them. By giving you access to best practice, innovation and analysis we can help you to benefit from savings and productivity improvements that provide results. Our outsourced HR services include payroll management and employee life cycle management.
  • Procurement: Procurement represents an opportunity to achieve substantial savings. It can also yield operational efficiencies and enhancements to customer service; for example by streamlining complex supplier portfolios, improving procurement control and overcoming IT systems that don’t talk to each other. Inconsistent classification of spend and different ways of describing suppliers can also pose challenges.We provide an extensive outsourced procurement service ranging from sourcing to payment, encompassing quote to contract, procurement and payment cycles as well as procurement technology.

Delivering tailored solutions for public and private sector organisations

Increasingly we find organisations moving beyond the traditional areas of back office process outsourcing and looking at where the same principles can be effectively applied to bespoke business-specific processes. Our knowledge and expertise across a variety of sectors enable us to tailor our BPO solutions to the requirements of your organisation. By employing people from the sectors we serve, who work alongside our specialist BPO professionals, we build a deep understanding of your markets, your challenges and your regulatory pressures.

Our services support you across all your process tasks, whether they are simple or complex, improving your flexibility and responsiveness to change:

  • Our bank and retail clients benefit from tailored BPO card services such as fraud charge backs, dispute resolution, reconciliations and loyalty card applications processing
  • Our media clients outsource their contractor payments or rights and royalties management to our media specialists
  • Our public sector clients have built on the back office services we already provide to reinvest the savings in front line operations. In addition to finance and accounting, procurement and payroll, clients buy services as diverse as revenues and benefits processing, records and casework management, general administration and front-line citizen engagement

Shaping the future together

 As a pioneering global outsourcing and technology company, we deliver a full portfolio of integrated on, off and nearshore solutions. Our aim is to become your trusted partner, delivering holistic solutions in a flexible partnership that can be measured, evaluated and, most importantly, provides you with choice.

Our breadth of capability means we deliver the infrastructure, applications and business processes you need to underpin your whole organisation. We understand that offshoring is not always the right answer; so our model also embraces near and onshore capabilities.

We recognise the importance of increasing efficiency and productivity, and of managing change effectively. The tools and techniques we use are designed to de-risk the process of outsourcing by keeping one eye on the future and building in the flexibility to adapt to your unique changing needs. And when we take on responsibility to deliver a service, we always look for opportunities to improve, standardise, automate and innovate at all levels.

In summary, we aim to provide flexibility and choice when deciding on an outsourcing model that best suits your organisation – providing informed advice and reassurance that allows you to evolve the model as your needs change.