Sopra Steria’s second annual Government Digital Trends Survey highlights key barriers to digital transformation in government

Survey shows digital transformation agenda is picking up momentum,
 but barriers still exist

London, 23 May 2016: Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, has today published its second annual Government Digital Trends Survey, a report that tracks civil servants’ perceptions of the digital transformation agenda[1]. 1,235 civil servants responded to this year’s survey. The responses highlighted their stronger understanding of digital transformation, but also concerns around measurement and a lack of digital training for staff.

 The idea of digital transformation is firmly embedded in the conscience of the Whitehall workforce. For the second consecutive year, three quarters of civil servants say digital transformation has impacted their work. In addition, 33% say digital transformation is a big part of what they do, similar to 2015.

However, this year civil servants showed that they had a much richer view of what digital transformation can achieve. Rather than focusing on driving citizen engagement onto online channels and improving the user experience, as in 2015, respondents now view digital transformation much more broadly. 71% of respondents said digital transformation is leading to a change in the structure of how services are delivered. The understanding that digital technology can be a tool to spark organisational change – rather than merely making existing structures more efficient - is now widespread.

John Baskerville, Managing Director, Government, at Sopra Steria commented, “There is an opportunity for the UK to continue to lead the way globally on digital transformation within government. The signs are positive – civil servants are starting to think differently about digital transformation, but the warning signs are also there. 

Read the full press release, including how civil servants understand digital technology can be a tool to spark organisational change and the key issues facing government


[1]Sopra Steria commissioned Dods Research to survey 1,235 civil servants across all grades and departments