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Sopra Steria publishes gender pay gap report for 2020

Sopra Steria today publishes its gender pay gap data, measuring the average difference in pay between men and women across the organisation.

Client Stories

How Sopra Steria can help organisations to improve the performance of their real estate portfolios by working collaboratively to design and deliver a data driven strategy

| Caroline Hildreth

Many organisations are facing new challenges when it comes to their real estate portfolios. From achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, to understanding how existing portfolios need to be adapted to support the future of the workplace to meet evolving user expectations.

Empowering Women to Lead Digital Transformation

| Lynsey Cochrane

The Scottish Government and ScotlandIS – the digital technologies cluster management organisation have conceived an amazing course to nurture future female talent in the IT industry titled, Empowering Women to Lead Digital Transformation (EWLDT).

Empowering a local council to generate data-driven insights: using PowerBI at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

| Charlie Cox

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council wanted to make it easier for staff to use data