Sopra Steria's STORM system integral to collaboration on science support to boost efficiency

  9 November, 2016: Yorkshire and the Humber Scientific Support Service (YHSSS) is using a command and control system to support the first collaborative crime scene investigation (CSI) operation in the UK.

In his article in the journal "Police Product Insight - International technology and services for police and national security" (October/November 2016), author Gary Mason writes:

West Yorkshire Police is leading this collaboration on behalf of the four police forces within Yorkshire and Humberside. Resources from West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Humberside will be managed from one central command centre in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The software will receive, manage and report on incidents, and will ensure that the appropriate resource is deployed to a crime scene.

This 24-hour service is the first time the STORM system has been used to support collaborative CSI operations in the UK. STORM will improve efficiency across the region, reducing travel times for units and helping to improve the quality of investigation operations, the forces say. 

John Gilbody, Head of Operations for YHSSS, said: “By managing and controlling all of our teams from one central location it will ensure that we are placing our people in the right place at the right time. This will allow us to maximise our use of resources and improve the quality of our CSI services. Sopra Steria’s STORM system is integral to this.” 

The forces estimate that moving from independent units to a regional asset will save them £11m. It also offers some outsourcing opportunities, potentially becoming a national leader in evidence gathering.

[This article appeared in issue 28 of Police Product Insight and was used with the permission of Red Snapper Media.
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