Delivering sustainable Police Resource and Demand Management

The reality for forces in 21st century policing is that resources are scarce and demand is ever changing. There is a constant balancing act to ensure that resourcing models are sustainable and they will deliver effective and efficient public services that will keep the public safe.

Planning is essential and Sopra Steria has created to PrediKt® to help forces:

  • Measure the impact of demand on current resourcing
  • Predict the impact of changing demand and resourcing levels in the future

PrediKt® is a strategic modelling tool which allows forces to simulate potential changes to operational services and understand the impact of such changes. It enables chief officers to assess future plans to ensure resources are allocated to areas of greatest priority.

Find out more about where we are making a difference

  • PrediKt® is making a huge impact for Cleveland Police, enabling them to use historical data to make predictions about demand and apply that into resourcing models