Meet the Experts: Our Environment and Sustainability Team

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Creating the necessary changes for a sustainable future can only be achieved by having the right people in specialist roles. Our Environment and Sustainability team works across our UK family of businesses, leading our key programmes of work to reduce our environmental impact.

Our team develops the strategy and manages our performance with accountability, integrity and transparency principles front of mind. We’re integrating best practice environmental management into our operations and the services we provide to customers. And by working closely with our supply chain we’re reducing the environmental impact of the goods and services we purchase.

We’re proud that our efforts to address climate change and wider sustainability issues have been recognised by many independent analysts. This includes a platinum ranking from EcoVadis, a sixth consecutive year in the CDP ‘A List’, and a ‘Best in Class’ ranking from PAC INNOVATION RADAR in 2023.

Building on this success to date, our expert team is committed to ensuring that we continue to lead the way to a sustainable future, helping us make the world a better place to live.

Avinash Lunj

UK Head of Climate and Environmental Sustainability

Headshot of Avinash Lunj

Avinash is a highly experienced Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Lead who’s been helping organisations, across various sectors, to manage and improve their corporate and operational environmental performance, since 2001.

He leads our Environment and Sustainability team in the UK, which is helping the business to roll out a centralised strategy and programme to achieve net zero by 2040.

"I’m passionate about helping businesses manage and improve their environmental performance and have led environmental programmes at both strategic and operational levels. My role involves interacting across our organisation so colleagues can embed environmental sustainability into their work and client offerings."

Craig Minter

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Headshot of Craig Minter

Craig is our Senior Sustainability Consultant, providing internal environmental consulting across our UK family of businesses. He’s also responsible for calculating our UK annual greenhouse gas emissions for the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting disclosures and manages UK data for inclusion in the Sopra Steria Group Annual Report. He is involved with our clients, in briefings and bid writing to discuss current and future sustainability objectives.

“One of my key priorities is developing a new methodology that will enable us to measure the carbon footprint of our supply chain more accurately. This is critical to helping decrease our organisation’s overall emissions. I’m also really passionate about helping colleagues to reduce their personal impact on the environment- particularly when working from home and commuting.”

Nafeesa Baig

Sustainable Supply Chain Specialist

Headshot of Nafeesa Baig

Nafeesa is our Sustainable Supply Chain Specialist. Her focus is the delivery of our Sustainable Procurement Policy and Supplier Engagement Plan to reduce emissions across our supply chain. She also works on our commitment to prevent Modern Slavery and is a member of SSCL’s Social Value Steering Board.

“In my spare time I’m a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s (IEMA) Green Careers Hub Steering Board which is a platform anybody, from any sector or background can use to understand the role they can play in greening the economy. It provides access to information and opportunities around green skills, jobs and careers.”

Lee Sargent

UK Environment Manager

Headshot of Lee Sargent

Our UK Environment Manager Lee is responsible for maintaining our environmental management systems which are certified to the internationally agreed and externally-assessed ISO 14001 standard.

“My wider contribution to our UK environment strategy involves implementing various projects across the business, many of them linked to achieving net zero emission status by 2040. This includes managing the integration of new offices into the certified 14001 scope, having an oversite on energy saving measures, looking at ways of reducing waste streams and increasing biodiversity. I do this by maintaining positive relationships with our property and facilities team, as well as external stakeholders, such as auditors, suppliers, and contractors to ensure we’re embedding sustainability into all our decisions, and we remain on track in meeting our commitments.”


Our expert team would love to hear from you if you have any questions about how we tackle our environment and sustainability goals at Sopra Steria. Please contact Avinash Lunj, Craig Minter, Nafeesa Baig and Lee Sargent.

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