Powering mission critical, joined-up emergency services in Kent

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (FRS)
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Kent Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) is responsible for delivering fire and rescue services to more than 1.8 million people in Kent. As well as fires, the service deals with other incidents ranging from road crashes and floods, to cliff rescues and chemical spills.

The challenge

Kent FRS had an ageing mobilisation system and was looking for a mission-critical solution to deliver real improvements and benefits in the handling of emergency calls. The more efficient its call response, the faster its emergency services would be mobilised.

The solution

We were already providing our STORM (System for Tasking and Operational Resource Management) command and control system to Kent Police. In the first dual service command and control system implementation in the UK, Kent FRS collaborated closely with Kent Police under our auspices to ensure the delivery of all relevant fire-specific functionality within the multi-agency STORM solution.

The results

We helped Kent FRS realise the following benefits:

  • Sharing information quickly across two agencies – ensuring the right resources are sent to the scene, and improving the safety of those attending an incident
  • Making the most of real-time information, enabling 999 staff to make a mobilising decision extremely quickly
  • Delivering over £2m worth of operational savings


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