Enhancing safety and efficiency with SafeDig

Morrison Utility Services (MUS)
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Morrison Utility Services (MUS) is the UK’s leading utility services provider. MUS works with major organisations across the electricity, gas, rail, water and telecoms sectors to repair and maintain their infrastructures and networks, empowering them to deliver a high-quality service to millions of customers nationwide.

The challenge

MUS needed to upgrade its incident response processes and ensure its staff received critical information prior to starting a job. Street excavation work is hazardous due to multiple ‘sub surface’ items such as electricity cables, gas and water pipes, and telecoms cables. However, locating accurate and up-to-date information about these hazards was complex and time consuming. As a result, MUS service levels were impacted, incurring costs and causing delays and inconvenience to the public.

The solution

We created a new, fully digitised ‘SafeDig’ pack using our considerable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capability and expertise to collate and unify all information about sub surface assets. Data across the utility network is now collated and stored in a newly created Management Information (MI) system which is automatically updated. Advanced analytics assist MUS operatives to rapidly locate the information they need for each incident and make informed decisions about where to safely dig.

The results

Working closely with MUS, we were able to deliver:

  • Real time, automated, digital access to information about sub-surface items
  • Increased incident response and repair times
  • Faster data entry times and reduced operational costs
  • A fully digitised MI system with comprehensive analytics capability
  • Reduced health and safety issues and improved staff morale



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