CCB Subsea AS: Equipped for increased demand with new cloud-based ERP system

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The new cloud-based ERP system will provide great value both in terms of time and cost savings as well as improved quality.

Choice of new ERP system

CCB Subsea AS is a system-independent supplier of subsea maintenance services, engineering, development and the production of products, and operations offshore. The company is a pioneer in the sector, experiencing strong growth in demand for its services, becoming known in the market for high quality, Lean implementation and predictable deliveries.

In order to meet increasing demand from customers, it was necessary for CCB Subsea AS to consider how IT could be used to solve current and future business needs with a focus on good resource utilisation. With the goal of achieving higher efficiency and a better degree of control over the business, CCB Subsea AS worked with Sopra Steria to select the most suitable ERP system - SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.

Value: Efficiency with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

The new cloud-based ERP system was chosen to achieve great value in terms of time and cost savings, as well as improved quality, with the following additional benefits:

  • improved efficiency,
  • better insight and decision-making support,
  • better information flow and collaboration,
  • reduced risk of errors, and
  • easy to scale

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition has been named one of the market leaders in cloud ERP. The system is easy to deploy with predefined standard processes, with many additional options to meet special business needs. The system is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with continuous upgrades, resulting in cheaper operating costs and faster implementation of new functionality.

"Sopra Steria's approach to choosing an ERP system gave us confidence that SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition was the right system for us. They completed a thorough and comprehensive Discovery phase where they demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs. Sopra Steria proposed solutions that will be very valuable to us. We trust that their recommendations have been carefully thought out, and this has enabled us to make decisions based on their recommendations. We have a common understanding that we are doing this project together, and that we are dependent on each other to achieve joint success. Sopra Steria has proven that they are the ideal partner for our implementation project. We are confident that the collaboration will provide us with valuable insight and guidance in the future and contribute to long-term success” Cecilie Sælen, CEO, CCB Subsea AS.

What did Sopra Steria contribute?

Sopra Steria has contributed with expertise in ERP processes. We have done a thorough analysis and gained in-depth knowledge of the customer's work processes. This has resulted in relevant and targeted recommendations on which standard business processes are best suited for CCB Subsea AS. We have also submitted a comprehensive plan for procurement and introduction of the system.



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