Creating a customised multichannel CRM tool

Bouygues Telecom
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The background

Bouygues Telecom, a subsidiary of the Bouygues Group, is the third-largest landline and mobile telephone operator in France. The firm was looking to optimise the knowledge of its customers to enhance its level of service delivery and marketing efficiency – so it partnered with Sopra Steria to achieve its goals.

The challenge

Given the extremely competitive nature of its sector, Bouygues Telecom needed a consolidated and complete view of its customers: lines, habits, household occupancy, preferences, history, and behaviour. This added value information could then be put to good use for all lines, over all channels.

The solution

We helped Bouygues Telecom to federate its customer data in order to create a unified version that provided useful marketing information – and could then be used to offer customers a bespoke service over all channels, which included customer services, stores and the website.

To complete this project, Bouygues Telecom used some of the leading ready-to-use applications including Oracle Siebel for the integration of the marketing and customer service modules; Informatica to collect and centralise information dispersed around the information system; and IBM Infosphère to identify customer duplicates.

After 14 years of working with Bouygues Telecom’s information systems, we were understandably well positioned to handle the collection and centralisation of dispersed data, and provide the operations and performance expertise that Bouygues Telecom needed. The Traviata programme lasted 2 years, with Sopra Steria managing the initial preparation framework – design, specifications, development and qualification for the gateway (interfacing and supplying the Siebel CRM with the Informatica Power Center solutions). And the initial deployment of the IBM Infosphère Master Data Management (MDM) – as part of the unified customer view.

The results

As part of the Travista programme, we delivered:

  • A rationalisation of Bouygues Telecom’s information system
  • A complete renovation of the CRM system
  • A complete view of Bouygues Telecom’s customers
  • Optimisation of the customer relationship beyond just the phone line

In a fast-moving and reactive market such as ours, the customer relationship plays a key role, and really makes the difference. We were glad to have a Sopra Steria team who were completely familiar with our business constraints right from the first day. Sopra Steria also managed to integrate a new tool into our current IS, with the functionalities to manage a wide range of data on the basis of concepts shared throughout the entire company. Sopra Steria shared our vision throughout the entire project: namely, a centralised solution federating customer data, delivering our brand name channels with a powerful CRM solution. 

JEAN DESMOUCEAUX, Multichannel Customer Relationship Manager, Bouygues Telecom IS Department