Automated government processes through ServiceNow

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For the last few years, Sopra Steria has played a major role in two large Swedish authorities in their work to streamline and digitise their daily and long-term work. With this investment, the authorities have been able to divert time to the development of infrastructure and services instead of administration and incident handling.


Sopra Steria has been a strategic ServiceNow partner for both authorities for several years. Each authority has over 10,000 employees each, which requires system support that creates operational benefits and streamlines everyday life for both employees and citizens.

A common problem in low-digitised operations is the inefficient and difficult-to-manage processes that can include forms, multiple Excel sheets and saved documents on network drives. A further problem with non-automated processes is that documents and decisions get to the right person later than necessary.

Assignments and deliveries

Sopra Steria development teams have been on site at the authorities during several deliveries and projects within different ServiceNow modules. Currently, Sopra Steria handles both operations and development within the authorities' case management systems, which in both authorities' cases are on-premises. In addition to support and preparedness, Sopra Steria works in these authorities in:


  • Implemented and managing case management systems.
  • Moved from the cloud to on-premises.


  • Implemented, developed, manages.
  • Integrations with other HR systems.


  • Facility Management.

Sopra Steria has also developed its own applications for specific business support. These applications include premises supply, inventory, approval orders and case management, among other things. In addition to these applications, the consultants in these businesses have also developed a number of applications for more efficient management and processing of data regulations and security.

The authorities use ServiceNow for several automated processes with real-time integrations. Examples of these processes include integrations with other authorities for population registration information, with financial and personnel systems, and with hardware suppliers for computer and accessory orders. Other examples include integrations to make location data (address, phone number, opening hours, availability, etc.) available to other systems, as well as integrations that enable the self-developed GDPR application.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sopra Steria helped with several applications to help the authority respond to the urgent need to switch to a home working environment. For example, development of a seat booking application to keep track of the number of people per office and an application to lend equipment such as chairs and monitors to people's homes.

One delivery that Sopra Steria was involved in developing was a process of capturing and handling new needs from the business. Before the solution was in place, needs came from different directions and it was common for these to end up with the wrong person initially, which made this process longer than it had needed.

By setting up an entrance via the ServiceNow Service Portal (Employee Center) to all employees within the authority, a unified channel for needs collection was created. Via this entrance, the employee chooses from various options regarding which area they want a new/changed function. Once this has been submitted, the responsible process manager receives the case, and either approves or rejects the request. If the proposal has been approved, it is passed on to an additional party who must approve that the proposal complies with the guidelines of the platform and processes. Upon approval, an issue is created, which is then passed on to the development department, which can then handle it via its backlog for future sprints.

Results and customer benefits

The solution supports the entire process flow from start to finish. There is a clear channel to submit proposals, and the client has full visibility of the case and all information throughout the process. Furthermore, this solution has contributed to a clear reduction in administration by allowing the case to pass through to the right decision-makers from the start. The case can get all the way to the development teams without any major manual intervention.

Over the years, Sopra Steria has implemented a range of services within both Swedish authorities with great success. The number of cases handled in the system exceeds hundreds of thousands per year, which are handled by hundreds of administrators. The Sopra Steria deliveries, both past and present, have contributed to great operational benefits within the two agencies through smart and long-term digital solutions.



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