Applications portfolio project management benefits from best practice IT governance framework

Transforming IT project management with a focus on continuous improvement based on performance measurement and benchmarking.
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The challenge

Airbus is one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, designing, building, marketing and maintaining the most advanced passenger aircraft.

Its Airbus IM division manages a broad portfolio of more than 300 applications supporting Finance, Corporate and Aircraft Programme Management, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence and Value Chain Visibility. Expansion in the airline industry and a need to keep pace with IT trends saw Airbus seeking a fast transformation of its information systems. This would support a growing production rate and reduce time-to-market.

Applications harmonisation and optimisation, as well as the alignment of project management practices to deliver faster, cheaper and better, were crucial to this transformation.

The solution

Airbus IM sought a partner to supply a bundled project management service built around a catalogue of services. Already working with a number of other Airbus divisions, IT-enabled service provider Sopra Steria proposed an innovative partnership-based solution.

Sopra Steria would share the risk of IT project delivery and made an investment in the continuous transformation of the IT-governance model. This aimed to improve the global performance of all stakeholders.

  • Project management from initiation to completion, including management of development contractors
  • Responsibility for defining business needs and system architectures
  • Responsibility for validation testing and acceptance support, as well as solution rollout

The results and benefits

In outsourcing its project management tasks to us, Airbus IM is free to focus on portfolio management in conjunction with its customers within Airbus. A number of business benefits are accruing, including:

  • Reduced time-to-market with the ability to ramp up and down project resources to match demand
  • Improved IT project quality and best practice consistency in an industrialised framework of processes and tools. These are based on IT best practices, such as CobIT, CMMi, eSCM, Lean PPM, NSP, Six Sigma, etc
  • Reduced global costs at portfolio level due to shared, repeatable and optimised processes
  • Price transparency with a 100% fixed price catalogue for project management, architecture consulting, testing and deployment
  • Shared risks and objectives between both companies help to boost performance
  • Continuous performance monitoring through comprehensive dashboards and scorecards support the transformation strategy

New opportunities for identifying areas of performance and cost improvement continue to be sought.

For example, Airbus is implementing Sopra Steria’s diagnostic consulting tool Portfolio Assessment Method to identify the potential for value improvement and reduced TCO.

We have found in Sopra Steria the right partner to drive our transformation, supporting our project management stakes well while ensuring best in class project delivery. Michel Beillard, Airbus IM head of Corporate Solutions and Bundle Manager


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