Experience Design

Differentiating our clients’ businesses through truly innovative and disruptive solutions – and a human-centred approach to digital transformation.

Every business wants a better customer experience…

But how many are truly customer-centric? With such importance being placed on the customer experience today, it’s critical that you optimise yours. And rightly so – it’s a key differentiator in a competitive market. Therefore, you have to react faster than ever to your customer and employee needs. And you must use all the tools at your disposal to understand how people behave and want to interact with your business. It’s a simple concept, but getting it right really can make all the difference.

Sopra Steria will help you put people at the heart of your technology transformation.

We offer a rare combination of talented creatives, business people and technologists working together to make an impact. What’s more, our Experience Design teams do not work in isolation, so as new experiences are designed, we have the know-how to scale solutions and deliver successful business outcomes.

When we work with you, we’ll put your people at the heart of technology transformation. Our experts will bring their collective design thinking, innovation and new technologies together to resolve your challenges in creative ways.

In fact, we have a track record of helping clients understand their customers, innovate new experiences and achieve business transformation through a human-centred approach to digital. We have many years’ experience with some of the world’s top brands and we can bring this experience to you to help you compete in a fast-moving market.

Our offerings
Application Management

User insight

By taking time to understand the user (the customer, the citizen and the employee) we can tailor a solution to their specific needs and identify any barriers

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Service design

We take a holistic view of service delivery, understanding the technology, people and processes required to deliver the best possible customer experiences


Digital product design

We craft digital experiences using a toolkit including UX design, content and writing, visual design, prototyping, testing to arrive at the optimum solution


Design operations

Working alongside in-house design teams to establish design organisations which enable design at scale, allowing designers to focus on what they do best, collaborating across organisations and geographies to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Our blog articles
Photo of HourGlass, Transparent Time Keeping

Hourglass: Transparent Timekeeping

How a simple conversation with a client about time-keeping led to some late nights, reflection on project tracking & a simple progressive web app…

Image of a person holding DevOps to illustrate the methodology

Is DevOps dead?

In certain circles, DevOps has become a dirty word – an outdated, ‘of the minute’ trend that was banded about in the tech world without anyone having a solid idea of what it means. It’s very easy to say you’re doing DevOps, but often, everyone is on a different page.

Photo of someone sketching a design

Looking Ahead to Customer Experience Design in 2019

As we get into the new year here’s a look ahead at some things I hope to see more of in Customer Experience Design during 2019.

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