Shared Services

We run two of the world’s largest multi-client, multi-service shared services

Sopra Steria on-boarded the shared service for the National Health Service in England (called NHS SBS) in 2005, and the UK Government shared services for the Cabinet Office (SSCL) in 2013.

Our ten-year track record of accelerated benefits realisation for the NHS has resulted in freeing up £224 million worth of savings – 18 months ahead of target. In an organisation of 1.4 million employees, this is the equivalent of the salaries of 12,000 nurses. We are servicing over 300 separate clients on single finance instance, allowing visibility of spend across the NHS using comprehensive analytics.

For the UK Cabinet Office, we on-boarded three large shared services, including the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and are now providing services to more than 27 government agencies and departments, including the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office.

Our combined BPS and IT skills across consulting, transformation and delivery have been deployed to design and build new standard operating platforms to give a single version of the truth and open up huge analytic opportunities.

Developing an Enhanced Lean culture

After welcoming in the teams who have joined Sopra Steria from the existing shared services, we now seek to develop an Enhanced Lean culture that drives sustainable improvements from anywhere in the organisation hierarchy.

We recognise the good work performed by in-house captives, but also that sometimes they can become frustrated as investment stagnates after the initial benefits are made. Shared Services are not usually the core purpose of our banks, insurers, retailers, utilities, etc., but for Sopra Steria they are core. They are part of our strategy and we invest to deliver excellence, whether we set up from scratch or on-board existing SSCs to transform performance to another level.

Why Sopra Steria?

Just as virtualisation and cloud are transforming IT agility, and mobility is transforming workforce productivity, Shared Services are reshaping the way we structure organisations and design work, and how we measure business and IT value, forever. As one of the pioneers of Shared Services, Sopra Steria can help you appraise the landscape, understand your options and leverage proven best practice.

If you have a question on any of our services, or would like to discuss a shared services maturity assessment that checks the health of your shared service centre to see if it's at its peak performance, please contact us.

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Sopra Steria's SWARM Methodology

This diagram represents a number of elements acting as spokes to the hub 'SWARM' (Shared Services Weighted Assessment of Relative Maturity):

  • Process
  • Continuous improvement
  • Governance
  • Customer relationship
  • People and organisation
  • Technology

Around the outer rim acting as a continuous circle are: assess, report, roadmaps, implementation.