Public Safety

Sopra Steria is here to help you serve and protect the public

We’re a trusted partner to those on the frontlines, providing the technology and consulting-led support to assist in critical situations – ultimately helping to protect and serve communities, making them safer places to live. Because we work alongside you, as part of your team, we’re able to provide reliable solutions that meet your exact needs, unique to your environment.

Our technology and business change solutions are proven to enhance operations for mission critical organisations, helping to transform the frontline – as well as the back office – with business support functions. We have a breadth and depth of expertise across the public sector, so we understand your challenges at both macro and local levels.

With systems that can cut response time significantly, we help emergency services save lives. Our technology can also cut serious crime investigations down from months to days, saving victims from further harm, or preventing them from being harmed in the first place

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Our offerings

We use our market leading STORM command and control application, and contact management utilising our end-to-end control room solution SmartContact®, to provide effective incident management. We manage emergency and non-emergency call handling and citizen call-backs for enhanced service delivery. 
We only offer the best innovations, and specialist niche products, to create standalone or add on solutions – including innovative mobile solutions, digital evidence and biometric technologies. 
Our DIR solutions adhere to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) and Achieving Best Evidence guidance, and provide operational improvements in the way that interviews are handled and evidence is processed.
Our joint venture SSCL enables business transformation via a single operating platform, delivering HR services such as recruitment, vetting and case management, payroll, finance and accounting services including contact centre services. 

Strategic Partnership

We are a strategic partner for one of the leading anti-knife crime charities in the UK, The Ben Kinsella Trust. We are using our expertise to provide practical solutions, including virtual reality immersive technology, to help fight the ongoing battle with youth knife crime in Britain. Along with our joint ventures - Shared Services Connected Limited and NHS Shared Business Services – we have made a commitment to the Trust through donations, expertise, advice and guidance to support its valuable work.

The rising rate of knife crime on our streets is deeply concerning, and we believe technology can help support the fight against it.  By utilising the digital expertise and knowledge within Sopra Steria we are enabling the Ben Kinsella Trust to focus on their key objective of driving better outcomes for at risk youths through education and community engagement.

Brendan Swarbrick, Sopra Steria’s Executive Client Director

How do you embrace innovation in critical situations?

Police, Fire, Ambulance, Maritime and Coastguard, CNI and RNLI crews on the frontline require information and communications technology that makes a fundamental difference to their response times and investigations. But introducing digital innovation into situations where proven reliability is fundamental is a real challenge. Equally, digital transformation is needed in back office environments to enhance operational effectiveness – but how do you achieve this in the face of shrinking budgets and central government cuts?


Andy Day is elected to techUK’s Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee
We’re delighted to announce that Andy Day, Director of Business Development for the Public Safety Group at Sopra Steria, has been elected to join techUK’s Justice and Emergency Services Management Committee (JESMC).
Public Safety
Life at Sopra Steria

Prioritising Focus on Mental Health with STORMShield
STORMShield, a free offering for STORM customers, is aimed at helping supervisors support their teams through the stressors in their daily work. 
Public Safety
Life at Sopra Steria

In conversation with Karen Sandland: Support Champion of the Year at the Control Room Awards
As International Control Room Week kicks off, we spoke to Karen who works as a Development Support Officer with the Kent Police.
Public Safety
Life at Sopra Steria

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