Powering a low carbon economy

Are you equipped to support the move towards a low carbon economy in a way that is beneficial to both the environment and your business operations?

All organisations recognise the need to demonstrate sustainability. This is driven by a combination of factors, including legislation and increasing customer, employee and shareholder demands for environmental responsibility. Many Chief Executive Officers also recognise that a greener business model is good for business in terms of reputation and adherence to standards such as ISO14001 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) initiative. With spiralling energy prices, cutting fuel usage also makes sound business sense.

Why Sopra Steria?

As the world moves towards a low-carbon economy, Sopra Steria can help you get there. Our global community of more than 2,000 professionals dedicated to sustainability will support the transformation of your strategic intent into tangible results.

Our dedicated sustainability offering reflects our own award-winning 'Living Green' ethos and allows you to:

  • utilise the latest technologies to better manage your environmental performance
  • use business disciplines to introduce and manage your sustainability programme
  • extract the full value from your investments in sustainability

Sustainability consulting

Committing to a greener, more sustainable business model is just the start. When sustainability isn’t your core business, it can be a struggle to transform commitment into action. In some cases management believes its drive to a low carbon economy is on track, but it doesn’t have the necessary metrics in place to assess progress. We work with our clients, helping them to define their strategies, measure their achievements and implement and operate green workplaces. We also work with partners ranging from academics to energy efficiency specialists so that we can think ahead and formulate winning sustainability strategies.

Smart energy management

Rising energy prices and carbon taxes have resulted in buildings, districts and cities becoming smarter and greener in their approach to energy management. The first step on this journey to managing energy consumption is measuring it. Our solution offers end-to-end optimisation of business energy use and a commitment to sustainable results.

Smart driving and transport

Is legislation forcing you to adopt a greener, safer transport policy? Or perhaps your organisation has identified the significant cost benefit of reducing fuel consumption. Certified CarbonNeutral® for both flight and fleet travel, Sopra Steria can help you deliver your strategy for more sustainable transport. Our solutions enhance company images, cut fuel costs and help to measure and control CO2 emissions.

Green IT

As more and more is demanded of your systems, software and services, a more sustainable approach to managing your IT infrastructure can help to keep IT costs down and efficiency levels high. With technology rapidly developing, it is likely that you have diverse IT systems running on numerous platforms across different geographies. The result can be energy-hungry IT infrastructures that are inflexible and costly to run. In this environment, Chief Technology Officers want solutions that make the business more efficient and sustainable, yet reduce costs and raise service levels. Sopra Steria's consultants can fit IT into your sustainability strategy - including virtualising servers or delivering them from the cloud and replacing estates of ‘thick’ desktop client PCs with ‘thin’ ones that use less power. Changing how your people work is another way to cut your carbon footprint and improve productivity.