We’re “Best in Class” for our sustainability-related consulting & services in the UK

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We’re delighted to have been rated as “Best in Class” in the PAC INNOVATION RADAR 2023, and recognised as leaders in sustainability across the UK and Europe.

The PAC INNOVATION RADAR analyses IT service providers across Europe and evaluates their strategic offering in sustainability consulting and services.

The report highlights our strong footprint in the UK, including our global consulting and IT services for sustainability across the entire value chain, our multidisciplinary skills, intellectual property tools, models, and frameworks, and our powerful case studies. This recognition is a testament to our dedication in creating a sustainable future, while driving positive change through purpose-led business practices.

Graph showing market strength along the bottom and compliance along the side. Areas include strong, excellent and best in class. Most dots for leaders appear in either the excellent or best in class area. Sopra Steria are plotting inside the best in class area.

“In our PAC INNOVATION RADAR Sustainability-related IT Consulting & Services in the UK 2023, Sopra Steria is ranked as "Best in Class". It is clear sustainability is an important topic for the company, backed by a best-in-class sustainability-related services portfolio along with the breadth and depth of available case studies” Aida Oganesov, Analyst at PAC.

Our commitment to sustainability

We take a human-centred, data-driven, and technology-backed approach to sustainability, focusing on solutions that are relevant, practical, and useful. We deliver services that help our clients to be more sustainable including reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprints, reducing waste through circular approaches, and improving reporting.

Pierre-Yves Commanay, Executive Director UK Consulting & Continental Europe said:

 "We are extremely proud to have been recongised in the PAC ratings. Sustainability is of significant importance for our clients across all our sectors. We've been helping clients with sustainability, ethics and social impact for over a decade, enabling them to create business value."

We're dedicated to creating a sustainable future for all, harnessing the power of innovation to drive positive change in business and society. Our services only matter if they work for people, our planet and if they serve a greater purpose too. To make life better.

We're committed to doing the right thing, developing responsible services, embedding digital ethics by design, and achieving Net Zero carbon emissions. By prioritising social and environmental responsibility, we are leading the way in purpose-led business practices. Our vision is to inspire future generations, be a great place to work and create a better future for all. The world is how we shape it, and we’re shaping it for the better.

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy

Andy Hepworth, Programme Director for Social Value explained:

“All aspects of social value, including sustainability, are right at the heart of our strategy, our vision, and our philosophy. It matters to all of us, and John Neilson, CEO of Sopra Steria UK & Asia, provides his personal input as the lead sponsor and chair of our social value steering board. We’re in a position to make a real difference and drive positive change in business and society, for our colleagues, clients, their customers, our communities and our planet.”

We continued to address our energy efficiency, which has led to a year-on-year reduction in our energy intensity (per full-time employee) of 9%. Since our baseline in 2015, our absolute energy footprint has decreased by 72.9%.

As a wider business, Sopra Steria Group we’re included in the CDP's (global non-profit organization) "A-list" for the sixth consecutive year for our commitment to fighting global warming. The Group stands out for its leadership in transparency, its performance on climate change and is once again ranked among the 200 largest companies most actively supporting the environment.

Avinash Lunj, UK Head of Climate and Environmental Sustainability summarises how meeting the sustainability objectives depends on the whole business working together in alignment;

“Our business is first and foremost about people and serving a greater purpose. Climate change – the biggest threat facing humanity - creates risks for society. By prioritising sustainability, we create opportunities, using the power of innovation to solve core environmental challenges. But the scale of the issue means no individual, single department or one company can solve the challenges alone. So, working collaboratively across our organisation, with our clients and our supply chain we are shaping a healthier planet.”

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