Sopra Steria joins Manchester Pride celebrations

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We were excited to be at this year’s Manchester Pride – taking part in its annual parade for the first time.

Members of our LGBTQIA+ network, PLUS, marched alongside thousands of people celebrating love, unity and inclusivity.

As an official sponsor this year, we’re also delighted to support the vital work Manchester Pride does all year-round.

Our PLUS network was formed three years ago, bringing together LGBTQIA+ colleagues and their allies, to connect people and raise awareness on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. From 70 founding members, the network has now grown to over 500 (and counting!).

“To march this year at Manchester Pride was a significant goal in our vision as a network. And what an event it was, the team smashed it! I’m super proud to have been a part of this and extremely grateful to everyone who made it happen,” Amanda Snee, Senior Bid Manager and Co-chair of the PLUS network.
“Marching this year with our PLUS network was an incredible feeling. The work myself and the team put into organising the event well and truly paid off. Hearing the crowds cheering us on and the smiles on people's (and dogs) faces was heartwarming. I can't wait for this to become a yearly celebratory occasion where we, as a network, come together and show our pride!,” Dean Bland, Senior Data Consultant and Co-chair of the PLUS network.
“Representing and supporting the communities in which we work and serve is something we’re extremely committed to. And we can only do this through action. I’m humbled by the incredible effort and dedication of our people who made our very first Pride parade happen,” Adrian Fieldhouse, Managing Director (Government and Transport) and Executive Sponsor of the PLUS network.