Meet the Experts: Our Environment and Agriculture Team

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For over two decades, Sopra Steria has been at the forefront of collaboration with Government Departments responsible for Agriculture, Environment, Rural Affairs, and Marine, both in the UK and across Europe. Our commitment to these key sectors has allowed us to develop a legacy of experience and expertise.

At Sopra Steria and SSCL, we offer a comprehensive range of services, spanning from Consulting, Strategy and Business Case Development through to Digital Solution Design and Systems Integration and Software Implementation and Delivery. Our commitment to innovation is the foundation of our approach, as we work towards creating a positive impact on the world and our communities.

As a purpose-driven business, we are committed to ensuring that our services not only deliver exceptional results but that our work also prioritises social and environmental responsibility - which is demonstrated by our sustainability and social value credentials. We firmly believe in making a difference to people and our planet, both now and in the future.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the individuals who are central to our Environment and Agriculture team. Through their expertise and passion, they are driving us closer to our vision of a more sustainable future.

Siobhan Brookman

Executive Client Director

Headshot of Siobhan Brookman

Meet Siobhan, our Executive Client Director for DWP & DEFRA, she is a business leader with diverse track record. Siobhan joined Sopra Steria in July 2020, bringing her expertise from previous roles in the IT Industry.

Siobhan's journey began at IBM, where she worked in both the UK and Australia. Since then, she has worked for AT&T, BT Global Service, Vodafone and Fujitsu delivering Outsourced Managed Services and Business Process Services. Siobhan is recognised for her great management style and her ability to build high-performing teams.

Beyond her professional achievements, Siobhan is an adventurer at heart. She sailed across the Atlantic, from Bermuda to Gibraltar, at the age of 21. She's also an avid downhill skier and equestrian enthusiast. Her family are farmers in the Northeast of Scotland and she is passionate about Rural affairs and outdoor pursuits. Siobhan shares her life with her husband, Steve, and they have four children Darren, Neill, Daniel, and Alexina.

Siobhan embodies our commitment to excellence and leadership, both professionally and personally. Her dedication to fostering individual strengths within a winning team makes her an invaluable part of our Environment and Agriculture Team.

Jeroen Boomsma

Client Director

Headshot of Jeroen Boomsma

Meet Jeroen, with over 20 years’ experience in business consulting, outsourcing, finance, and operational management in the Centre of Excellence sphere. He has honed his expertise through various leadership roles within one of the world's largest IT Services organisations.

Jeroen's career has taken him on international assignments, where he's made significant contributions in Slovakia, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland. He is a business leader with experience in managing portfolio of accounts in the Public and Private sectors, engaging with senior stakeholders in organisations on business development, commercial, and delivery aspects.

Jeroen joined Sopra Steria in January 2019, bringing his wealth of experience and global exposure making him an invaluable asset in navigating the intricacies of international business and operational excellence.

James Daman-Willems

Executive Client Manager

Headshot of James Daman - Willems

Meet James, our Executive Client Manager, he is a customer focused business leader with a passion for strategy, business development and growth with a track record spanning Business Development, Account Management and Solution Architecture across multiple government clients.

James joined Sopra Steria in March 2019, bringing his expertise supporting customers with complex business challenges in a collaborative manner, bringing strategic thinking, solution and Business Development experience spanning solution and proposition development, competitive bid work and a continual focus on forming long lasting relationships.

Mo Islam

Consulting Market Lead

Headshot of Mo Islam

Meet Mo, our Consulting and Solution Services Director. Mo is a dynamic C-suite solution design consultant who understands how to bridge the chasm between vision, strategy, technology, design and implementation. He brings business and technology together to deliver complex transformation. Mo joined Sopra Steria in March 2013 and focuses on supporting Government Departments in achieving their departmental goals and aspirations.

His background in Management Consulting has seen him work across a broad range of industries: Gov, BFSI, Energy, Utilities and Health, supporting clients with vision and strategy definition, through implementation and delivery, ensuring focus on desired outcomes and benefits are maintained throughout.

Mo is a people person, possessing a natural ability to establish relationships quickly, build trust with business stakeholders and work collaboratively with business units and partners.

Gary Macpherson

Partnership Director – SSCL Government

Headshot of Gary MacPherson

Meet Gary, an accomplished professional who oversees the relationship between the DEFRA Group and CITB. As Partnership Director, he bridges the gap between service delivery and innovation in the British Construction sector. Gary's focus revolves around supporting CITB's commitment to skill development and innovation. He harnesses cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the customer experience while addressing DEFRA's diverse accountability and critical needs.

His expertise is deeply rooted in aligning services, technology, and transformation platforms to foster environmental improvements and drive a sustainable economy. With an intimate understanding of his clients and their aspirations, he is dedicated to translating their visions into reality. Gary’s goal is to cultivate long-term strategic partnerships through joint planning and collaborative work, transitioning from a supplier to a trusted partner.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Gary enjoys long-distance running and his passion for motor sports.

Closing thoughts

Our team brings together years of experience, a passion for innovation, and a genuine care for our planet and its people. Our team is driven by an unwavering dedication to prioritising social and environmental responsibility, and we bring this commitment to every project, strategy, and consultation we undertake. 

We invite you to connect with us and find out firsthand the transformative impact that our team can bring to your environmental and agricultural endeavours. Together, we can build a more sustainable future for all.

To learn more about our Environment and Agriculture offerings you can email the team: Siobhan Brookman, Jeroen Boomsma, James Daman-Willems, Mo Islam and Gary Macpherson.