Leading the way in climate action: Sopra Steria on CDP 'A' list

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Sopra Steria, a European Tech leader recognised for its consulting, digital services, and software activities, has made the CDP's (global non-profit organization) "A-list" for the sixth consecutive year. The Group stands out for its leadership in transparency and its performance on climate change and is once again ranked among the 200 largest companies most actively supporting the environment.

Climate action is at the core of Sopra Steria's sustainable development and corporate responsibility programmes. Its renewed inclusion in the CDP's "A list" for the sixth-year running is a reward for the Group's commitment to fighting global warming, which considers all levels of activity: from operations to the supply chain (suppliers), including customer service.

In 2022, nearly 20,000 organizations worldwide - including more than 1,100 local authorities and 18,700 companies, including Sopra Steria - reported their environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities via the CDP platform.

CDP is a global non-profit that manages a global database of environmental data fed and searchable by companies, cities, states and regions. It works with more than 680 financial institutions representing over $130 trillion in assets. CDP encourages companies to disclose their environmental impacts and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, conserve water resources, and protect forests. CDP ratings are widely used to guide investment and procurement decisions towards a zero-carbon, sustainable and resilient economy.

Sopra Steria's commitment to the climate and environment is part of its drive to make digital technology an accelerator and source of opportunity and progress for all.

"As a European Tech leader, we are determined to drive forward the use of sustainable digital technology to provide solutions to facilitate the energy transition," said Cyril Malargé, CEO of Sopra Steria. "We are particularly proud to be included in the CDP's “A list” for the sixth year running, which recognises our achievements in reducing our climate impact, and Sopra Steria’s ability to anticipate and address the major environmental challenges that we collectively face" he adds.

Sopra Steria has undertaken several concrete actions and set key objectives:

  • GHG Emissions: achieve net zero emissions across the Group's value chain, by reducing resource consumption and emissions from direct and indirect operations. This objective is based on the United Nations Climate Neutral Now programme and on a long-term objective aligned with the new net zero emissions standard and submitted to the Science Based Targets (SBTi) initiative for validation.
  • Client Services: support our clients in their transition to a low-carbon economy by applying eco-design principles to our solutions, implementing environmentally friendly approaches to the services we provide and harnessing the potential of new technologies to benefit the environment.
  • Direct Operations: continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing our energy consumption, using renewable energy, choosing energy-efficient offices and data centers, streamlining business travel, and using low-carbon transport.
  • Supply Chain: engaging our key suppliers in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate ambassador: working on the climate agenda with policy makers, governments, the UN Global Compact, EU focus groups such as the European Green Digital Coalition, the Science Based Target (SBTi) initiative, CDP and academia.
  • Transparency: have Sopra Steria's key indicators independently audited and reported publicly in its annual report.
  • Syndicated loan: index Sopra Steria's credit line (€1.1 billion) to a target reduction in GHG emissions linked to our direct activities (-85% in 2040, based on 2015). Any bonus or malus will be reinvested in technological projects that reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

The full list of companies on this year's CDP A-list can be found here:  https://www.cdp.net/en/companies/companies-scores.



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