WEBINAR RECORDING: Trust, transparency and technology: the role of digital ethics in delivering successful digital public services

| minute read

Watch our webinar and get valuable insight into how you can create and deliver public services that benefit the whole of society.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • The findings from the reports:
    • Citizen beliefs and perceptions related to digital services
    • Public sector organisations' digital ethics maturity
  •  Valuable insight into the role digital ethics plays in delivering successful digital transformation programmes

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The Panel features:

Jen Rodvold

Head of Sustainability, Digital Ethics & Social Impact Consulting

With over 14 years’ experience designing and delivering ESG programmes, including 13 in the technology sector, Jen leads Sopra Steria’s Sustainability Digital Ethics & Social Impact Consulting Practice, a team of responsible business and technology experts helping businesses create value through ESG and purpose.

Dr Kevin Macnish

Digital Ethics Consulting Manager

Dr Kevin Macnish is Consulting Senior Manager in Digital Ethics with Sopra Steria. Kevin is a former analyst at GCHQ and the US DoD, and assistant professor at the universities of Leeds and Twente. He has been interviewed widely and has spoken at the Houses of Commons and Lords. Kevin has published 50 academic articles, chapters and books on ethics and technology. He is a visiting Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, a former member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Research Advisory Board, and current ethics expert for the UK Information Commissioners Office.