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How we work

At Sopra Steria, we continually challenge the status quo to find a better result for our customers. We are visionary leaders who raise the bar in our markets.  We are bold and innovative, learning if things don’t go to plan. We work together - across our teams, sectors, service lines and with external partners -to get the best result for our customers. We have a positive attitude and take responsibility to deliver for our customers.

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Our people

Our people are the key to our success. Meet us and find out why we enjoy working at Sopra Steria.

Our Diversity

Diversity brings enormous benefits to the workplace. We value the contribution that all of our people and relationships make to Sopra Steria’s success. We never tolerate discrimination or harassment based on sex, colour, marital status, civil partnership, having or not having dependents, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other basis.

Diversity is our strength. In our recruitment and selection processes, you can be confident that our only aim to find the best person for the job.

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Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do at Sopra Steria. We look for people who display these values and fit our great culture. (Click on the image to view full screen)

Text description of our Values are at the bottom of this page
In return for your contribution, you get to:
  • Work with some of the most valued companies and brands in the market
  • Be part of a team that continually pushes the boundaries
  • Build skills and gain experience that will enable you to fulfil your potential
  • Make an impact through challenging, rewarding work
  • Learn from the best thought leaders in our business
  • Be recognised for the big and small successes that help our customers to help theirs

Supporting our communities

“As well as working with a great team of people, what I really like about Sopra Steria, is it’s also a company with a social conscience.”Sopra Steria has lots of opportunities to make a positive difference to the community. We are committed protecting our environment and aim for sustainability in all we do. In partnership with a variety of organisations, we provide skills development, education and increasing opportunities for digital inclusion. We have an annual Community Matters week promoting community involvement and raising money for a variety of charities across all our locations. We also match fund the fundraising efforts of our people and provide enabling grants to community volunteers.

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Listen to, and watch, what some of our colleagues have to say about working at Sopra Steria...

"We’re not the ideas guys – we want to have a set of games that we can bring people in and help them to come up with the ideas..."
"I’m constantly presented with opportunities to build and expand on both my skill set and my professional network..."
"We’re doing a lot of work with digital, chatbots and voice technology to enable our customers to interact with us better..."



Text version of Our Values

Customer Focus

We understand our customers and deliver innovative solutions to help them succeed


We seek out and apply new knowledge, learning from the experience of others


We actively listen and value the contribution that everyone brings

Team Spirit

We work together and inspire each other to deliver great results


We consistently deliver high quality outcomes that set the standard in our profession


We apply a can-do-attitude, working with pace and exceeding expectations