Data and AI

Empower your organisation

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive world, data & AI are vital capabilities that all organisations require to remain competitive and relevant. No longer solely the purview of researchers or innovators, leveraging the power of data to deliver valuable insight that drives your business is essential.

We help business leaders leverage the power of data, advanced analytics and predictive insights at the heart of their business to empower decision-making, improve operational performance and drive cultural change.

Our deep expertise in advising, building, delivering and running practical, ethical & sustainable data solutions will transform your data into a strategic advantage.

Discover how we can help transform your organisation and make a meaningful impact with data-driven decisions.

How we do it

Define your data vision and strategy

Our team helps organisations articulate their data challenges and create a unique vision for the future. This includes identifying business drivers, analysing value streams, and creating a data strategy framework through workshops and roadmapping services. Additionally, the service helps businesses establish data principles and values that help it stay on course in the future.

Data Management: Optimise your data assets

Our expertise helps businesses govern and manage their data as a strategic asset, ensuring data quality, policy compliance and security. It includes services such as designing and implementing tailored data governance frameworks, analysing and managing data quality, and secure data management. Through effective data management we help our clients avoid risks, optimize decision-making and drive innovation.

Data Engineering: Enhance your data

Data Engineering helps organisations re-think how they get value from data assets, leading to better decision-making, improved customer experience and increased revenue.

Our data engineering services involve designing, building and running modern data solutions. From data discovery and migration services, to data processing, cleansing, modelling, integration, fusion, enrichment, transformation and load: we help you make sense of all your data, wherever it may be.

Advanced Analytics: Find the stories and predictions hidden in your data

We unlock insight in business data through statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning / artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

We enable organisations to see the stories hidden within their data, understanding what happened, why, what will happen and which optimised actions to take. This gives organisations powerful new tools to understand what’s happening and how best to respond.

Data Automation: Make your processes faster and more efficient

Sopra Steria's Data Automation services help businesses enhance customer experience, accuracy, and compliance through hyper-automation. From ideation and advisory for AI and automation to automation design workshops, automation maturity and readiness assessments, AI-accelerated automation solutions and services, and fully managed RPA. These services help business leaders achieve better operational efficiency, reduce errors and costs, and drive innovation by automating business processes.


Sopra Steria transforms the FCA’s regulatory data submission for over 120,000 users

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wanted to revolutionise the regulatory data submission process for over 52,000 firms and 120,000 users, whilst giving the FCA improved capabilities and capacity to collect, manage and process complex regulatory data. However, it was relying on Gabriel, a legacy on-prem system that had been at the heart of FCA’s operations since 2008. If the FCA didn’t replace the Gabriel platform they were in danger of losing the trust of firms and end users. The FCA needed a new approach: a user-centric, cloud-based, real-time & modern data platform.

Sopra Steria was chosen by the FCA to replace the Gabriel system with the new RegData platform. We worked closely with the FCA to define the vision for the RegData platform, designed the full service and customer experience, migrated data from Gabriel in the physical data centre to our cloud-based environment, and delivered a highly resilient service whilst maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and accessibility throughout.

We knew that migrating away from the Gabriel platform would be a challenge. Keeping the reporting facility live for firms throughout was critical. We were impressed with how Sopra Steria successfully migrated historic data across, while ensuring a reliable and resilient platform was always available for our users.  Matthew Tyrrell, Senior Manager/FDC Programme Accountable Executive, FCA.

Key to our success was the close relationship between Sopra Steria and the FCA throughout. We build a strong collaboration with a further five technology suppliers whose systems were also to be affected.

The new platform is now operational and scales to meet demand, with users commenting that it is significantly faster and easier to use. This has resulted in lower operational running costs for the FCA, seamless handling of spikes in demand and a User Experience design that enables users and firms to submit their regulatory submissions more quickly and view their historical records. This is a key tenet at the heart of the FCA’s Future of Data Collections (FDC) strategy.


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